Justin Timberlake Performs Two New Songs & “Suit & Tie” with Jay-Z

Last night in New Orleans, Justin Timberlake participated in Mark Cuban’s Direct TV Super Party Live where he celebrated his first full-length concert in three years. Backed up by a live band and four backup singers called The Tennessee Kids, JT made sure to present a show that was the audience's money worth. The setlist contained songs from his first two solo albums as well as two tracks off his new album The 20/20 Experience titled “Little Pusher Love Girl” and “Bad Girl." As the show's highlight Mr. Timberlake invited his pals Jay-Z and Timbaland to offer live renditions “Suit & Tie” and “SexyBack." Epic to say the least. Watch the frenzy below.

By: Petar Kujundzic / Live / February 3, 2013 / 4310 Views
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  • Chuck Sheen

    He is the definition of "winning"


    everybody's so damn preoccupied trying to record the shit on their smartphone, that they miss out on the fact that it's JAY-Z and JT on stage.

    same shit happened when i caught Frank Ocean live. it was right after Channel Orange dropped and the venue was small, so i was about 10 feet away from the stage. the whole time, i was like, "yo that's Frank fucking Ocean, in real life". meanwhile everybody else was looking at frank ocean through their shitty iPhone video mode.

    i might be ranting, and the above videos probably wouldn't be possible without these iPhone filmmakers, but i just dont understand why people cant just enjoy the fact that you get see and hear these artists perform live. you get to feel the performance.


  • alex

    I was literally just thinking about that, I 100% agree. I was at that Frank Ocean concert too and thought the same way - and all that screaming was overwhelming. I saw K Dot live in la and the same thing was happening. I had like front row tickets and literally everybody had their iphones up, I wish they'd put them away and enjoy kendrick - like dre and TI came out too. Artist should just record and take pictures then send them to everyone in the audience through their phone for like 3 dollars.

  • Crud

    I honestly dont understand it either. You are at the show why record it? I'm all about the vide of the the show that shit cant be recorded watching it on a shitty iphone is not going to bring that feeling back.

  • jabjal

    Right up there with you bro. Mind you, the last time I attempted to pull out my phone was at an Odd Future concert...and boy did I learn my lesson.

  • maynardwelsh4mx

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  • jabjal

    WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!! I love penis, but I get enough

  • guest

    this crowd blows smh

  • fuckspam

    go kill yourself

  • jabjal

    I'm seriously trying to figure out how I responded to that comment when I have no recollection of typing that statement.

  • ORJI

    Justin is so awkward... he doesn't know how to handle the rapper's presence on stage.

  • http://twitter.com/MarvelAlexander Ed Rush

    That guy sounded like such a hipster lol

  • young

    check out the bassist groove when hov start rhyming

  • Elisha Faith

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  • http://www.facebook.com/gnutgrass Garrett Nutgrass

    yo yall chill out

    i usually record a few minutes as a memento for myself later

    that's enough

    like 30 seconds