Joey Bada$$ Deletes Twitter After Lil B-Related Rant

In light of the recent backlash he's been receiving on Twitter, caused by the "beef" with Lil B, Joey Bada$$ has now deactivated his account. The Based God released his diss track "I'm The Bada$$," which was quickly responded to by Joey's "Don't Quit Your Day Job," and now the Task Force's online heckling has struck a nerve of the Pro Era emcee. Before deleting his account Joey went on a bit of a rant going on to address Lil B's Task Force, and stated that he wanted to delete his account. You can read his final tweets in the image down below.

Looks like we'll have to wait and see where this leads.

By: Richard Brooks / News / February 2, 2013 / 6961 Views / Source: Potholes In My Blog
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  • MAUI

    Lol why would Joey even waste time think about Lil B and the Task Force...

  • oG $wank

    Gay ass computer nerds.

  • desmond wunner.

    Just like Mac Miller, This dude'll fade soon. I already see fans swerving him now.

  • CK

    why the FUCK is joey taking this shit seriously... i mean come on bro its LIL B

  • Jabjal

    If he can't even deal with the tirades of trolls from Lil B's Task force he has no business being in the rap game thats filled with venomous sharks. Surpassing Mr. Shawn Carter you will not.

  • VitoMaserati

    never caught on to this dude but looks like Lil B is gettin the best of him!

  • hip hop head

    Lil Bars so far is murdering Joey Bada$$, Lil B is playing like i don't give a fuck about some Joey Bada$$ and joey is all like fuck this Lil Bitch he aint even good... I think it's clear who is madder..hint hint Based God still has his twitter up and running smoothly.

  • Manny


  • Task Force General

    Our mission is complete

  • Brandon Amster

    Wow for Joey to get this upset over this dumb ass shit shows he aint gonna be able to handle some bigger shit

  • Tommy Tha Great

    wow smh

  • Tommy Tha Great

    haha BaseGOd!!!!!!!!

  • Kolp

    Nobody wins

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  • MrTeeBonilla

    Cant come at based god and expect Task Force to stand by

  • Max B

    This makes it look as if Lil B won. I laughed to myself thinking about the power of this Task Force thing.


    like shit lls, it aint like he losin sleep over this.

  • Peter Li

    i get its stupid for joey to get mad. but is the serious point of lil b in hiphop? he aint got nothing better to do than waste everyones time? smh

  • James Moshis

    Who really cares about twitter, all this beef will do is inspire some great music from joey, and that's all that matters.

  • gangstablng3

    i met joey badass hes a bitch though, seriously hes just a small ass little kid with a lil kid entourage an they all look like pussies, they all asked my bro for cigs too ... pretty sure none of them are even old enough to buy their own lmfao fuckin bums

  • fuckAtlanta

    Nigga, you got a small dick. taskfore bitch

  • Elie

    Yeah... he fucked his bitch.



  • TonyTooCool

    Don't fuck with Taskforce. Lil B we got ur back. Based 4Lyfe

  • indend

    Task Force!

  • Terrance

    Lil B reminds me of that retarded kid from highschool that everyone was kool with because he was hella funny

  • Task Force Lieutenant

    This is what happens when you mess with us.

  • BrwnB3ar

    pro era should keep the conflict to verses only in light of deleting this twitter. dropping twitter and putting it on wax would be inline with his whole golden age aesthetic.

    "beef is just a style of cow"

  • Ammar H

    Word, Lil B is trolling so hard!

  • MHWB

    'Cause the dudes 18.

    In highschool, you used to fight over the worst chicks, or over your last Bacardi Breezer. Bada$$ just wants to meet at the park at 3pm, and get it over with.

  • Rr

    Lil B is the rap game Supa Hot Fya. He don't lose

  • Real Dude

    LMAO Joey done fucked up hahaha you can't fuck with Lil B
    I just keep imagining Lil B's death stare/smile combo while saying "I'm the badass! I'm the badass! I'm the badass! I'm the badass! I'm the badass!..." until infinity in Joey's head lol

  • Alex Cooper

    That's got to be a joke.

  • nutmeg

    He didn't deleted his twitter. the fuck you talking bout.

  • Charlemagne

    The Game once tried beefing with the BasedGod... He quickly realized his mistake and prayed for the BasedGod's forgiveness

  • Blaq Gavin

    Lil B fans measure dicks for a living. LOL!