James Blake – Retrograde

Well, we knew it was coming. And here we are this afternoon with the first taste from James Blake's forthcoming sophomore album, Overgrown. Just earlier today we brought you the details on the English act's upcoming work, which is to arrive in April. "Retrograde" accounts for a buzzing single, just premiered via Zane Lowe's BBC Radio 1 Show, as Blake does what he does so frequently and presents a unique electronic-style spin, paired with his humming vocals. Check the new release below and be sure to hit us back for more on the new album.

By: Jonathan Sawyer / Alternative / February 7, 2013 / 6386 Views
  • bbb

    just raw talent

  • NicholsAccomp

    I never understand what the fuck he's singing about, but I still "get" his music. All that really matters I suppose.

  • guest

    he must have a lot of contracts to perform at people's funerals.

  • mr.bell

    one of my favorite artists

  • http://twitter.com/MadeMonarch_O Adrian O Walker

    "Bada bop boo, zalling zalling"

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  • Jimmy

    *Waits for Kanye to do a collab with James Blake, so everyone can be sheep i.e. Bon Iver*

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  • ppp

    they've might alreagy have. he was in one of the WTT doc vids sitting about"

  • Pouya

    well done Jimmy the shepherd slash scout! you have successfully recognized the overlooked talent of james blake! everyone shall come after you as sheep...

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  • L

    James Blake just never dissapoints



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