Hucci – Yeah!

After sharing an interesting teaser video a few days back, 17-year-old producer Hucci drops off the full version of his latest track "Yeah!" for all to enjoy. The tune makes great use of a vocal sample taken from The Temptations' single "Get Ready," and the UK beatmaker adds his own trap flare to the finished product. Fans can expect to find this one on his upcoming untitled EP, due out soon. Press play down below and enjoy.

By: Richard Brooks / Hip hop / February 6, 2013 / 4528 Views
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  • CraigBone


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    is this trap for white kids ?

  • goldstein

    i dont like hucci. i can and have produced better when i was 17.

  • zzzz

    whats with all the hype? just riding the trap wave



  • thatbitchonthecoverneedsmoreas

    yall should look up $yrup. Electro Trap

  • John Adams

    Who cares?

  • Pratt $tackS x PLM

    shit sounds like goombawave..

  • Samuel Stevenson

    Dope beat. Could have been like 40 seconds shorter or brought in a change up somewhere though.

  • L3R0Y

    Totally should've titled it "cum"

  • Delxe


  • J

    I don't really get this kinda music. like i checked this dude out and every song is just ripped vocal samples over 808s.

  • lolwtf

    proof or it didn't happen. also, just because you dont like someone's music doesnt mean you have to bash their producing skills. I bet you don't have the fan base he has (this is coming from someone who is so-so on hucci)

  • Fred

    here I cum um um um