Frank Ocean – Forrest Gump (Live @ The Grammys)

As one of the night's winners, Frank Ocean also had the honor to perform at the stage during the evening’s ceremony at the Staples Center. The singer-songwriter took the opportunity to good use as he performed his new single “Forrest Gump” while also offering a preview of its upcoming visual companion. Check it out above.

By: Petar Kujundzic / Live / February 11, 2013 / 8686 Views
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  • Alex Poissant

    yea it didnt sound what. his first time live on tv in front of mllions, no loud instruments backing up his vocals like everyone else, he was obviously nervous..still very cool setup and performance.

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  • Freddy Hearsecury

    I disagree the first the arrangement was terrible and I honestly think forest is a great song classic even. He should have at least had a band behind the LED. Second his monitors must have been off because he was out of key the whole song. Honestly I've been reading interviews in the lead up to this performance and he has said he picked the song and set up and I assume the arangment. I applaude him for his autonomy but somtimes getting outside input is the better decision. Honestly he should have done bad religion similar to how he did on Fallon he could have expanded his fan base exponentially but whatever I'm just some nobody named after a guy who died from aids.

  • Honestlee

    Bad song choice tho, would of loved to see good life or rich kids performed preferably bad religion but we no CBS wouldn't dare let that make the air. The whistle solo was awkward and lame to be honest but that set up was super creative and dope.

  • swagonmyass

    he doesnt have a song called rich kids or good life

  • 5amk

    sweet life and super rich kids. Would have been dope

  • Joel Unforgivable Harris

    I love Frank Ocean, but let's be real. That was ass. I honestly felt awkward watching that.. and it kinda made me cringe. Glad he won a couple Grammy's though! This particular performance doesn't do the man justice at all.

  • je

    frank actually told cbs and the grammys that he wouldnt perform unless he got to choose the song.

  • Bruva


  • Mike Jones

    dude is talented but that song choice is so fkn gay, i know hes gay but come on keep those gay songs in ur personal collection - like how can anyone have that song on their ipod , android

  • Señor Inkognitó

    Did he rock the yellow tux with his cock out, as promised?

  • brvhbrvh

    he was probably the most anticipated performance this year apart from JT... should have been prepared

  • [email protected]

    Nigga couldn't perform Monks or Pyramids?

  • Amoni Maile

    Has Earl Sweatshirt lost weight or what???

  • Music 2013

    I get your point, but naw hes been on televeision before. SNL was probably his first appearance. & The Grammys of 2012

  • Music 2013

    My bad it was the VMAs of 2012, Fallon, & SNL.

  • Calvin Le

    I guess I'm the only one who thought this was a good performance...

  • Haco


  • Haco

    losing hair i guess

  • D▲N

    I thought it was nice, not as good as fallon, but still it was a good performance.

  • dick rider69

    he tweeted that his monitors were off....

  • Garrett Nutgrass

    wish he would have just done it more like on the actual cd

  • Conrad


    Your not the only one.

    Most intelligent people are just so
    dumbfounded by the stupidity of the
    general populace, that we just
    don’t see any use in stating our

    Yup, 'Ocean was absolutely amazing.

  • realtalktho

    you're stupid

  • notrealfrankocean

    he tweeted he couldn't hear his monitors, we all know he can sing.

  • OG Reezy

    It Was Flat

  • that suit tho

    its clear with the song choice and the yellow suit he's trying to promote being gay as being cool. thats that shit i dont like. but whatever he's got talent and beliefs and he's in a position of power so he's using it to promote his personal agenda.

  • wompwomp

    Hey suit tho guy,
    In a Mellowhype song, he flexed that he'd wear a yellow suit to the Grammys
    Fuck you. He did just that.

  • that suit tho

    and that makes it cool? fuck outta here.

  • that suit tho

    HE FLEXED THAT HE'D WEAR A YELLOW SUIT ... lol .. damn ... some slang u got there for a gay guy wearing a yellow suit

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  • Zen

    I saw him perform this song much better live, obviously with the video and suit, the presentation was better at the Grammy's but he sang it much better in concert.

  • alan

    -the suit was inspired by the royal tenebaums
    -the yellow color is referenced in mellowhype's song "astro"
    -he openly admitted on his twitter that he couldn't hear his keyboard
    -he also admits in a recent LA times article that his piano skills are very basic, probably not used to playing and singing at the same time. (the only time ive seen this is during his encores at live shows)
    -off key or not, it was still a pretty good performance, not his best, but still good.
    -.....he should've won best new artist


    I liked it, I thought the setup was cool. The only bad thing about it was, he got a bit off key around the second verse. But hey, it's his first time at the Grammy's, he was probably nervous.

  • jjy

    Forrest Gump is written from the perspective of the girl he loved

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  • Victor Moreno

    it is "you're". yeah you're dumb.

  • Victor Moreno


  • Dumbcunt

    Why don't you like that shit? It's none of your business. Do you think he's going to come around and insist on sucking your dick? Cos he isn't.

  • Anon

    I understand that those who don't know how to sing may have enjoyed this, but for those who can tell how terribly off pitch he gets towards the end it is painful to listen to and is a mockery of vocal performance today.