Frank Ocean Covers ‘The New York Times Magazine’

Before a busy Grammy weekend, Frank Ocean took the time to sit down with The …

Before a busy Grammy weekend, Frank Ocean took the time to sit down with The New York Times Magazine for an insightful cover story. The extensive interview with the ever-popular singer-songwriter centers around art, religion, journalists, writing a book, and more. To check out the sit-down, all you have to do is follow the link here. See some excerpts of the piece below:

On music journalists:

“Here’s what I think about music and journalism: The most important thing is to just press play. All in all, I just don’t trust journalists — and I don’t think it’s a good practice for me to trust journalists.”

On religion:

“I remember being kind of intimidated by the idea of it actually. Church was the ’hood Juilliard to me. All the coldest musicians came out of there.”

On art:

“Art’s everything we hope life would be, a lot of times. That’s what I get from it. And that’s what I’ve tried to do. In the storytelling and the sonics and everything. That’s what I’ve tried to do, because I just think that’s the purpose of art. Push, you know?”

And on his public persona:

“That’s why image is so important. That’s why you’ve got to practice brevity when you do interviews like this. I could try to make myself likable to you so you could write a piece that keeps my image in good standing, because I’m still selling this, or I could just say, ‘My art speaks for itself.’”

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