Azealia Banks – Harlem Shake (Remix)

Yesterday "Harlem Shake" producer Baauer and Harlem emcee Azealia Banks got into a heated discussion on Twitter, following Baauer's successful attempt to get Banks' remix removed from SoundCloud. Bauuer has claimed that Banks used the song without his permission and since the remix was removed, the two artists have been very vocal about their stances on Twitter. With the "212" femcee not backing down, and ready to show the world the emails exchanged between the two to prove her validity, she now unleashes a brand new video to go along with her rework of the internet phenomenon. You can check out the Rony Alwin-directed visuals now by pressing play up above. We'll be sure to keep you up to date as more information is revealed on the matter.

By: Richard Brooks / Music Videos / February 16, 2013 / 7965 Views / Source: Pitchfork
  • tits or gtfo

    what. the. fuck. is. this. shit.

  • Bendik Blix

    Damn, she's so sexy though!

  • assman

    her ass doe


    only rapper allowed to hop on these beats is danny brown. captain murphy was cool over tnght though...

  • tim

    shes so stupid tho

  • nutmeg

    She's a complete bitch for not respecting the will of the producer, I seriously hate people who do that. Plus she isn't hot.

  • nicole

    Baauer should take it as a damn compliment that his "track" is being remixed. Newbies in the game don't know shit cause they're shit.

  • SuperStupidSwag

    She's about to get sued isn't she?
    I finally read the description after looking at (this video of) her twice.

  • anon

    titties is poppin doe.

  • chadmulder

    wait, there was a song playing during the video?

  • Jhucka

    Well i just disagree straight up... Baauer is producing and touring with Just Blaze... one of if not the best hip hop producer of his era, thats definitely debatable but he's top 5 no doubt. Baauer is a super talented dude with a pretty big catalogue of good beats considering his age. Now this hoe Azaelia been in the game not even a minute and she's blatantly going out of her way to disrespect him, she's had two really big songs, her buzz is fading real quick, who do you think has the long jeverdy in the game? When it comes to album time where's she going to get her harlem shake hit? Bitch is digging a hole for herself.

  • BoobsMcghee

    um.. she's def gonna get sued though lol smh

  • sorry but..

    long jeverdy...? haha.

  • James Hedley

    Hmm, run out of lyrics? Better act sexy!

  • James Hedley

    Tru dat

  • fuckyall

    why the fuck would she get sued? id eat this bitch inside out though

  • brohan

    How does rapping over a song make it a remix? You are clownshoes sometimes, hypetrak.

  • Michael Phelps

    Long ass weave

  • Bliblublo

    She sucked at this freestyle remix.. or what ever the fuck this was

  • Your Biggest Fear
  • realtalktho

    she was given permission... it says right up there that she has emails proving he gave her permission

  • Chase PESO

    lol long jeverdy..from longevity

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  • TonyTooCool

    is nowhere to be found

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  • nicole

    Who would fuss at a remix of their "song" considering Harlem Shake is just technically noise. Baauer is not the only guy with a big catalogue, he just happened to be the one to win the lottery in the game of misappropriation. Azealia was looking to add a touch of 'harlemite' to a song which has none at all. I think comparing a white male producer vs a black female rapper is a stretch. Just saying.



  • Mohan Guaranteed

    mix and mastered with only one hand!!

  • beatybeats