A$AP Rocky Interview with OFIVE

While recently in Paris, A$AP Rocky sat down with OFIVE to discuss a number of topics. The interview took place just days after the release of his heralded Long.Live.A$AP album, as of course talk centered around the project. In addition, Rocky dished on his art as a whole, meeting Rakim who had the best verse on "1 Train," and more. To check it out, simply press play above. Oh, and let us know if you agree with Rocky's top performer on "1 Train."

By: Jonathan Sawyer / Interviews / February 4, 2013 / 2628 Views
  • Panda Dro

    Becoming extremely corny ....

  • Guest

    Alot of contradictions here Rocky...

  • Henrik

    I fuck with it.

  • MHWB

    'LL Cool J's married to a lady? I...I...I didn't know that.'


  • crazyfeel

    "I like bicycles.. I love cartoons" haha

  • maximumhq

    They ask that Rakim question every. damn. time.

  • lupe hea

    lupe brainwashed him. he wants equality. no superiority.

  • Charlemagne

    How's he supposed to come across?

  • mr. suede

    It's called being human...

  • P

    "i love fucking michael angelo shit, i love that, i love art"

    he is so pretentious. stop begging it

  • josh

    went to see the hobbit movie.... fuck so weird

  • SuckANiggaDick

    Funnies shit ever.. specially the way he says it! Bahhhhahahahhahhhah