SpaceGhostPurrp – Been Fweago

SpaceGhostPurrp returns with a new visual interpretation for "Been Fweago" which is a grim ensemble highlighting his Raider Klan compadres Rilla, Mac 10, Dough Dough and Mook. Dark vibes take precedence in this accompanying visual as his team lurks around in blue and purple tinted distortion, exchanging verses through the lens which has become standard Raider Klan procedure. SGP's B.M.W. EP just dropped last month as well, download here if you haven't already.

By: Davis Huynh / Music Videos / January 7, 2013 / 2749 Views
  • Musicforme

    Not feeling this. Too distorted. Both music and video.

  • exrider

    smh... purp wtf u doin?

  • maximumhq

    Didn't this kid announce his retirement from music? Can't take this guy serious anymore

  • Charlotte TheDon

    stop it already.

  • Haco

    shut up

  • Jordan

    y'all dumb as fuck, he released this song awhile ago, it's supposed to have a 90's feel. y'all probably loved that stupid ass A$AP video though

  • tupac

    this is to hard for soft ass hypetrak niggahs i see

  • BasedAce

    This that BLVCKLVND SHIT!!

  • maximumhq


  • tactoc

    this shit look like it came from a black kid's garage back in 1990

  • nopurpswag

    tried to listen to this but ain't feeling it. No rhythm just all over the place. And yes i listen to ASAP since he came out with purple swag.

  • stopit

    You brainwashed if you think this is hard. Cut it out

  • tupac

    brainwashed how? this is that oldschool memphis, 3 6 ,brother lench steelo. it was classic back than purrp aint doing anything wrong.every artist now is just recycling legends if you hate this than you hate street music