Lil B – I’m The Bada$$ (Joey Bada$$ Diss)

For those who've been closely following Lil B's illustrious career thus far, you should definitely know by now that the Based God isn't one too simply let unflattering remarks just slide. Having already left negative stains on the resumes of hip-hop veterans such as Joe Budden, Ice T and David Banner, it now looks like Lil B has his target set on the hip-hop newcomer and Pro Era general, Joey Bada$$, following some of the lyrics the New York emcee chose to tweet from his track "Survival Tactics." Although the song originally surfaced back in early 2012, the lyric that served as a slight jab towards the Based God states:

They say hard work pays off/Well tell the Based God don’t quit his day job

Now that Joey and his Pro Era crew have attained a notable amount of success since the original release of the track, Lil B has responded in the form of his latest diss record appropriately titled, "I'm The Bada$$." Is this the makings of a modern-day East coast vs. West coast type of beef? Give the track a listen through and let us know your thoughts. Lil B's mixtape Pink Flame is coming soon.

UPDATE: Check out the recent Twitter exchange from the two down below.


By: Richard Brooks / Hip hop / January 29, 2013 / 6218 Views
  • S

    Do you research.

  • andy

    lil b does not deserve any attention



  • TonyTooCool

    Richard this article is total bullshit and completely wrong. If you don't know what's happening please don't assume some shit and then write it. Especially not one of the most "cutting edge" "urban" music websites out right now. Fuck.

  • NateTee

    Joey doesn't even rap this... This is one of steez's lines - RIP
    I'm surprised Lil B would make a diss track attacking a rapper who just committed suicide, that is in horrible taste.

  • Lil B


  • Joey Booty hole

    so the story goes : Lil B fucked his bitch ....

  • Zachary

    Your the most uneducated write I have ever encountered. Please quit YOUR day job.


    well, technically, we can assume that music IS Lil B's day job, so in actuality, Joey was commending Lil B on his hard work in the game. it can also be argued that Lil B's presence in the rap game makes it possible for folks like Joey Bada$$ to get the recognition they deserve. it all balances out. Joey shouldn't pay this "diss" any mind. Lil B will be Lil B (no pun intended), so just let Lil B be.

  • zeus


  • camyboy

    lil b aint got nothing on joey, this is just dumb

  • mike


  • David


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  • duh

    Capital Steez said it, bro... Not Joey.


    despite that development, the statement is still relevant.

  • Bo Bun

    word. was gonna say...

  • 3 bracelets

    he aint no basegod

  • daniel mattoon

    Lil B is just helping Joey get recognition. Joey should just take it in good fun.

  • bbbbb

    let lil b be that b

  • DaaaaaaaaaamnHomie

    Bars for dayyyyyyyyyyyyyys. That nigga really did this shit. Mind = blown. Jk Mr. Bada$$ will straight merk Luuuul B. But Lil B got heart nikka.

  • CraigBone

    Lol hypetrak users love to complain about

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