Girls’ Generation – I Got A Boy

K-pop phenomenon Girls' Generation just released their fourth studio album I Got A Boy on New Year's Day. Just prior to, the collective also let loose visuals coinciding with the project's title track. The clip has already surpassed nine million views on YouTube and is nearing ten quickly. Appropriately matching the light and playful nature of the song, the footage notes the female act throughout a series of dance routines. To check it, see above. You can also grab the new work here.

By: Jonathan Sawyer / Music Videos / January 3, 2013 / 1325 Views
  • Garrett Nutgrass

    how do you do a song with like 9 or 10 vocals lol?

  • TopBananas

    Exactly, and it's like you need at least 5 people to be considered a K-pop group or something. They all they same to me and i'm speaking musically and style wise.

  • Jabjal

    I enjoy the fact that they consistently put a nervous and guilty looking smile on my face as I look around the comfort of my room hoping that nobody catches me listening to this

  • TonyTooCool

    it's called a "guilty pleasure"

  • TonyTooCool

    i really love their style of fashion but damn this song sucks. lol

  • Jabjal

    I would say it goes beyond that. I'd like to say an "embarrassing endeavor"

  • Towelie

    wow Even Asian girls do streetwear!!!

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