Frank Ocean – Forrest Gump (Behind the Scenes Pics)

Back to something positive, after earlier finding out about the apparent altercation between him and Chris Brown, now we get a look at behind-the-scenes shots from Frank Ocean's "Forrest Gump" video shoot. The track is pulled from Ocean's critically acclaimed debut, channel ORANGE, and accounts for one of the work's more celebrated cuts. Be sure to check back with us for when the actual footage drops.

By: Jonathan Sawyer / News / January 28, 2013 / 3639 Views
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  • jedia

    he HAD to choose that song...

  • Mj_Hovito

    Definitely the most skipped song on Channel orange


    of all tracks though..

    i was hoping for a pink matter video. in my head, i saw a slowly pulsating light (heartbeat-like), alternating from a bedroom scene (with the vantage point being the ceiling looking down on the bed) to the abyss of space (with the various colors of supernovas and shit) and back again. of course, dude would be getting pleasure from a girl, then just floating through space.

    but wtf do i know?

  • nutmeg

    I don't know what you guys are talking about this is one of the best songs on Channel Orange.

  • Bachata Brandon

    He's supposed to be wearing Nikes.

  • erg

    Not digging the look. I hate those Margiela splatter trainers. Corny as fuck. The song was good though.

  • Jabjal

    Not sure if song will continue to be about his love for another man or sneak diss at Chris Brown

  • Haco


  • Alex Poissant

    "Ima wear the yellow tux at the grammys, and rock out with my cock out"

  • ^

    cool story bro

  • Joel Unforgivable Harris

    Did he really have to choose the gayest song on the album? When are some visuals from Pink Matter coming out! Sierra Leone would be cool too.

  • Adam Z.

    Most of you probably haven't gotten past "thinkin bout you" but this song as well as the entire album is great

  • Sola

    Shut up