DJ Premier Names His Top 20 Albums of 2012

Hip-hop icon DJ Premier took to his website to relay his carefully thought-out top 20 albums of 2012 today. In a preemptive strike to the naysayers, Premo states the criteria to which he chose the top 20, including production, lyrical content, what the LP sounds like in his car, and more. Peruse the list and accompanying notes below from the iconic DJ.

DJ Premier's Top 20 Albums of 2012
20. Torae – Off The Record
19. Saigon – Greatest Story Never Told Pt. 2: Breads And Circuses
18. Slaughterhouse – Welcome To Our House
17. Skyzoo – A Dream Deferred
16. Masta Ace & MF DOOM – MA_DOOM: Son Of Yvonne
15. Roc Marciano – Reloaded
14. 9th Wonder & Buckshot – The Solution
13. Public Enemy – Most Of My Heroes Still Don’t Appear On No Stamp
12. Vinnie Paz – Gods Of The Serengeti
11. Lil Fame & Termanology – Fizzyology
10. Rick Ross – God Forgives, I Don’t
09. Kendrick Lamar – good kid, m.A.A.d. city
08. Action Bronson & Alchemist – Rare Chandeliers
07. 9th Wonder & Murs – The Final Adventure
06. Sean Price – Mic Tyson
05. Wu-Block – Wu-Block
04. Showbiz & A.G. – Mugshot Music (Preloaded)
03. Nas – Life Is Good
02. DJ Premier & Bumpy Knuckles – Kolexxxion
01. O.C. & Apollo Brown – Trophies

Honorable Mentioning: Mayhem Lauren “Mandatory Brunch Meetings”, Fresh Vetz “The Tape Effect”, Killer Mike “R.A.P. Music”, Nutso “Behind These Bars”, Craig G. “Ramblings Of An Angry Old Man”, Big Shug “I.M.4Eva”, La Coka Nostra “Masters Of The Dark Arts”, Ice Water (aka WOADAH) “Holy Water”, Bishop Lamont “The Layover”, 1982 “2012″, Apollo Brown & Guilty Simpson “Dice Game”, Large Professor “Professor @ Large”.


Closure Note From DJ Premier:

Just in case y’all forgot, I base my list on:

1) Beats selection
2) Lyrics and content that make sense
3) Flows and wordplay and your voice
4) I don’t care how many records you sold and how much your record was played on commercial radio, I live hip hop culture and I respect my pioneers that allowed me to do hip hop as a career
5) Concepts and overall body of making a full LP including the sequence of how your LP flows is so important when I pop it in my sound system

I still judge listening to music on either a boom box or driving in my ride, no iPods and shit. I stick to tradition of how hip hop was played when it made an impact on my life.

As I say every year, if you don’t like my list, fuck it make your own!

One note I will make: I meant to list the Game’s “Jesus Piece” in my list and it was an oversight so I won’t change this list because of my mistake. I still wanted to make a note of it being that I liked his album and I’m still bumpin it in the ride.

Let the hate begin…

“Be Glad or Be Mad” -DJ Premier

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  • rob

    his own album #2? haha

  • Vegard Sandnes

    Amen on Game - jesus piece. Probably on my top 5 for 2012. Didn't see that

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  • 2013 bruh

    typical OLD HEAD .....

  • roger

    This dude's list is a joke. NEXT....

  • Elko

    Lol so bias. What's wrong with yall east ocast muthafuckas? Fucking egos.

  • yungniga

    finally a 2012 album list that Kendrick Lamar isnt number 1

  • Kanye East

    Would've re-listened to Documentary if I wanted to hear Jayceon name drop on every verse. Again

  • aboynamedandy

    To be fair, Trophies is a fucking incredible album (although I wouldn't have placed it higher than GKMC). Curb the Premo slander.


    name an album better yungniga

  • mp

    Premo just did it 8 times...

  • mp

    Finally, a list that isn't so based off the fuckin hype and what everyone else is listening to. Shit most of you don't know half the names. Not saying this is the best list ever but it's hell of a lot better than 95% of lists you or any other website made. props for having Trophies as #1. definitely a must-have great album

  • Guest

    Just because he is a very gentle person :D

  • Mr.Dean

    Curb the Old Head shit. Who gave you the style you run with? This dude wasn't paying homage or copying a style when he produced Daily Operation, Illmatic, or doing those B.I.G. joints.

    Joey BadA$$, Mac Miller, and a whole grip of other cats owe their whole sound & steez to Ganstarr. A$AP cats owe a lot of their Sound to OLD Houston heads... This is no diss they would be first to tell you. But you dumb ass kids that worship and buy recycled styles and then talk shit on legends/creators are weak as fuck sheep.

  • Charlemagne

    You're missing the whole point. There's a reason why their called "OLD heads". Times change and people move on - out of necessity. You get caught up in the past and that's where you're left.

  • yo

    yall stupid. this guy knows real hip hop when he hears it. unlike everyone else on here whose so caught up on the shit everyone is listening to now a days

  • yungniga

    captain murphy - duality

  • svks

    Rick Ross? Lyrics and content that makes sense? Sure.

  • Seth Robert Feralin

    for real. rare chandeliers? no

  • Vegard Sandnes

    That's his MO tho. lol.