Destiny’s Child – Nuclear (Produced by Pharrell Williams)

With their upcoming Love Songs compilation album set to release on January 29, fans now get to hear the newest track from Destiny's Child, titled "Nuclear." Produced by Pharrell, the new track will be one of a few others to be performed at this year's Super Bowl Halftime Show. You can stream the track down below, and place your pre-orders for Love Songs now by clicking here.

By: Richard Brooks / Soul/R&B / January 11, 2013 / 7490 Views
  • Haco

    Neptunes! Neptunes!

  • smill1

    This song is Brilliant.This confirms that Destiny's Child is the Greatest Girl Group of All Time. Pharrell and Michelle killed this track!!!!!!! I love it!!!!!!!!

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  • good


  • thetruth

    All time? Stahp....just stahp....TLC, SWV, S&P, and Xscape are all better groups in my opinion. Destiny's Child only got good production to go with decent vocals. Lyrics are a no show. Now I'm done.

  • FlyLoHoe

    shut the fuck up

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  • Garrett Nutgrass

    stahp it ron

  • T$

    electrick heat - the seekwill

  • crazyFeel

    they brought their old drum kit back! finally... fuck them logic presets!

  • smh @ swv

    lets not forget spice girls and s club 7

  • wack ass statements

    this just confirms that beyonce was never pregnant

  • Vislakr

    This sounds great. I can tell this is what Pharrell + DC is about

  • Neo

    I just love the Pharrell Beyonce combo!

  • Dimmi Hovey

    Cool Song! & Babes!

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  • stef

    the song is decent. I was also hoping that the other girls' vocals would be heard a bit more. Especially kelly rowland (i don't know about michelle williams) but her singing is amazing now, its pitty you barely hear her