Angel Haze – Shut The F*ck Up

Azealia Banks sure is not losing any time after Azealia Banks fired back with "No Problems" some hours ago. Angel retaliates with some harsh words for Ms. Banks over 2Pac's menacing “Abitionz Az A Ridah” instrumental. We can see the temperature rising in this feud. Listen below and get ready for Round 4.

By: Petar Kujundzic / Hip hop / January 5, 2013 / 2282 Views
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  • frank ocean

    angel & azealia just tryna stay relevant

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  • stretchman

    ANGEL HAZE & AZEALIA BANKS BEEEEEF>>>>>>>AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!!!! (Even though Angel's gonna rip Azealia a new one....don't mess with Detroit)

  • ddfdfdf

    this is terrible from every angle possible.

  • LilBuffet

    recorded through a usb mic in a bathroom?

  • benJaMin stErne

    Angel needs to get that Azealia doesn't even fuck with hip-hop, she wants to do othr shit in the future. I mean azealia is right in thinking that this shit is tacky

  • Irony

    Am i the only one who finds it hilarious that in the hypetrak description of angel it says she is planning on collaborating with Azealia Banks

  • gangstablng3

    what is this low budget bullshit ? why she callin azealia ugly anyway like this bitch look like she got hit with a brick her face all fucked up she ugly as shit lol azealia bad as shit though

  • Chessir.

    just as hilarious as azealia banks not losing any time to fire back at...azealia banks? haha i like the mini descriptions though i forget what it was like w/o them.

  • erik


    who cares

  • Lifted

    angel haze needs to stop making stupid sporadic diss songs and just take her time to ether that hoe

  • John Adams

    Does she not have access to a studio? I feel like i'm listening to my little sister rap into her ipod