Angel Haze – On The Edge (Azealia Banks Diss)

Well, that didn't take long. After earlier today getting into a little Twitter beef, Angel Haze has already hit the studio to put her thoughts on Azealia Banks to some music. The result is the buzzing female rapper being undoubtedly straight forward with her words directly aimed at Banks. Will Azealia respond after hearing "On The Edge"? Stay tuned to find out.

By: Jonathan Sawyer / Hip hop / January 3, 2013 / 4095 Views
  • BoomBap

    Bitches be trippin

  • TopBananas

    How is Azealia always in a "beef" with someone? At some point she has to look at what she's doing

  • John Adams

    Female rappers don't have much to really talk about. They need* beef.

  • dayjobbob

    ZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz **farts**

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  • sauce man

    This instrumental is ill.

  • EC

    Azaelia didn't start it though. She just said if you aren't from NY don't claim it and Angel Haze must have felt some way and said that she would or should cut Azealia... and it snowballed from there

  • Nad Pitt

    She snapped. This shit is hard as fuck.

  • obi-bashtin

    lol all female rappers hate each other.

  • TonyTooCool

    apparently it's produced by diplo

  • General_URSUS

    diss record or not, this shit is hot garbage.

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