Adele’s ’21’ Is the First Album to Be the U.S.’s Best-Seller Two Years In a Row

Just when you think Adele can't break any more records, she does it again. This time, the 24-year-old has accomplished another astonishing feat outside her native country of England. Her sophomore LP, 21, is the first album since Nielsen SoundScan started tracking music sales in 1991 that has topped the United States' best-seller chart two years in a row. You heard that right; despite Taylor Swift selling 3.11 million copies of her new album, Red, One Direction releasing two albums in 2012 that both sold over 1.3 million copies and Mumford & Sons making a huge impact with 1.46 million copies sold of their new album, Babel, official data shows that another year has passed and Adele is still on top. In total, she moved a whopping 4.41 million units of 21 in 2012, which, together with the 5.82 million in 2011, helped it achieve diamond status back in November. Congrats would be due, but at this point, she doesn't need it.