A$AP Rocky Speaks on His Friendship with Skrillex

While A$AP Rocky's debut album Long.Live.A$AP is jam packed with notable guest features, one of the most surprising names to appear on the credits was electronic DJ/producer Skrillex. In a recent sit down with VIBE TV, Rocky shared how the friendship between the two came to be, crediting the connection to their relationship with his cameraman. Skrillex produced track eight, “Wild For The Night,” off the album, which is set to hit shelves January 15. Pre-orders for Long.Live.A$AP are available now through iTunes by clicking here.

By: Richard Brooks / Interviews / January 6, 2013 / 3385 Views
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  • Haco

    Fuck Skrillex! Fuck that bitch that sounds like a fax... Have a friendship with SpaceGhost Purrp is the best you can do nigga.

  • FuckHaco

    This site is so gay for SGP
    TyBeats, Clams, Lou, etc are so much better for Rocky
    ya bish

  • Goldstien

    yeah but id rather hear one sgp track instead of one skrillex track on the album

  • http://twitter.com/bensterne benJaMin stErne

    let him do something different...how expected would it be for ASAP to team up with SGP

  • oh

    "niggas claim they the god of black, well your name is purple, and im the god of that. gave you my back, nigga pardon that" -from LVL. so he probably aint going to work with him soon.

  • http://twitter.com/limasalvador voyasercomoyoquiero

    ya bish ahahahha

  • Bitchesluhdakid

    Peso was cool, but Ty Beats' aint messin w purrps'.

  • Musicforme

    It's from "Angels"

  • Haco

    But with SGP is the one he don't have a friendship. Don't use my mane to fuck me retard,