Kanye West’s Backstage Discussions About His Givenchy “Kilt”

During Kanye West's Hurricane Sandy Relief Concert performance, artists such as Cam'ron and Chris Brown took to various mediums to express their disapproval towards Yeezy's leather kilt. Both Cam and C. Breezy have been subject to fashion-related ridicule throughout their careers, so it's saying something when you're able to ruffle their feathers when it comes to attire. VOYR has recently shared some backstage footage of Ye and his team discussing the look when he first entertained wearing the piece from Givenchy several months back. Will the kilt trend catch on? Check out the video up above and let us know what you think.

By: Richard Brooks / Documentary / December 20, 2012 / 4990 Views
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  • http://twitter.com/tael_maestro Amadou Taal

    Who expressed their disapproval you say?

  • http://twitter.com/mattmeyerlansky matt meyer lansky

    so raw... kanye west is the man.. most important word n dont miss it... "silhouette"

  • yumm

    I watched this vid right after I watched the one where Ye beats Jonah Hill in Connect 4...
    Damn what a legend.



  • D

    Chris Brown? The singer? Commenting on fashion? This dude still wears basketball shorts and sleeveless hoodies.... And he's rich.

  • http://tamoorc.com/ Tamoor Chaudhry

    lmao 2:00 Kanye West: "Can I even pull this off?"

  • 3.141592653

    this isn't hypebeast....why are we talking about fashion on a music blog?

  • Julien Victorious

    when Kanye West started wearing a BACKPACK mugs was expressing disapproval. They're just gonna follow suite.

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  • Ye S My D

    yeah ur a fag bro. "kanye west is the man" talking about wearing a skirt. what a lansky

  • 666

    I can't find this video ANYWHERE now...

  • ur welcome