The Cool Kids Break Up

Illionis hip-hop duo The Cool Kids have announced they're closing the book on their musical endeavors. Consisting of Chuck Inglish and Sir Michael Rocks, the conspicuous two debuted in 2007 with a distinctive revival approach to hip-hop, delivering flamboyant Golden Age rap chic over classic boom-bap beats. Following the “88” single drop on Fool's Gold, came one of 2008's most buzzed EP's in the new-wave hip-hop sphere: The Bake Sale on XL recordings. Following the drop, the duo went on tour with M.I.A then fell into hiatus before releasing When Fish Ride Bicycles LP in 2011, two years after it was due in 2008. Both artists have remained busy with solo projects ever since. Inglish dropped the WRKOUT tape earlier this year, and Rocks put out the Lap of Lux disc. The Cool Kids spoke with AllHipHop saying:

“I don’t think we’re gonna come out again as The Cool Kids. We might come together as something else different, but as The Cool Kids, no, because we’re not the same people, we’ve changed and evolved into two different artists. We can’t come back and do the same thing again, you know? We’ll probably do something else, but as The Cool Kids and as Shark Week, no, those ideas are done, and we’re on to something different now. I wouldn’t do that; I think that would be a step backwards to go back and do that right now, so as far as I know for now, no I wouldn’t see us doing another Cool Kids project as “The Cool Kids.”

It'll be interesting to see what Inglish and Rocks deliver next to hip hop with their characteristic mannerism.

By: Petar Kujundzic / News / December 14, 2012 / 6138 Views
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  • Jimmy

    It's a shame they peaked on Bake Sale.

  • rob

    :( : ( :(

  • ohyeahpaulchin

    2011 is THREE years after 2008, not two, and how can Tacklebox be the last release they put out, in 2010, if WFRB dropped in 2011?

  • MAUI

    I honestly can say I felt it was coming... with Chuck doing more production and Sir Michael releasing two solo tapes this year.

  • fence

    might be a typo, or just a miscalculation. easy on the CAPS BRO

  • the wave monster

    literally crying right now bruh, i don't think people realize the way i felt when i first saw them in the black mags video, & then tacklebox ... easily one of the greatest underground mixtapes EVER man

  • Flocka Pope

    yeah whoever wrote this article is retarded. how u gonna say they came out with WFRB in 2011 and follow up that statement with "their last release was tacklebox in 2010"......why is this guy writing articles?? on the topic of the article, who didn't already know the cool kids were over? that shoulda been clear when mikey rocks signed to jet life and started toothpick clique

  • RIP Cool Kids

    Chuck hasn't really change too much it's mostly SMR that's trying to do this mainstream garbage .....

  • GOOD

    lap of lux sucked

  • Kyle Harris

    RIP Real Hip-Hop. Both good, but better as one.

  • Eric Richardson

    I figured they were already kinda on hiatus, but I'm glad to hear that they're still gonna work together. Those niggas were ahead of their time. They were wearing skinny jeans, snapbacks and leopard print wife beaters back in 07 and niggas were clowning them at first. Now damn near everybody dress like the Cool Kids. Looking at Big Sean, Tyga, Asap Rocky and them is like going through the Cool Kids' google images.

  • Johnny Amichetti


  • Avinash Moses Parasram

    first it was das racist now it's these guys

  • JerryCoolJones

    This is a damn shame...

  • Greg Ostertag


  • Zach

    Mikey does sound bossy on those Cardo beats though.

  • guest

    well said my G

  • Roque A. Deleon

    Actually it would most likely have been 2 years and not a full 3 years. Think about it, let's say it was supposed to come out in October of 2008, well October of 2009 is 1 whole year, October of 2010 is 2 years and October 2011 would be 3 full years. Fish Ride Bicycles came out in July of 2011, thus only being 2 years and so many months.

  • Julien Victorious

    they ugly as hell for this

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  • Motion Fiction Media

    I feel the same way. The Cool Kids were literally the leaders of the new school hip-hop.

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