SpaceGhostPurrp Making A Beat For The Weeknd?

With SpaceGhostPurrp sporadically dropping new tracks via YouTube, today we get a clip that may be the most interesting, although poorly shot. Titled "SpaceGhostPurrp Making A Beat 4 the Weeknd," the clip sees a figure hovered over a computer screen as he previews the instrumental. Purrp has tweeted and retweeted the clip out via his Twitter account to add more justification as to it being him in the video, but no official word as to whether the beat is actually for The Weeknd. While we wait for more information on the matter to surface, check out the clip up above and let us know your thoughts on a possible collaboration between the two artists. Down below is a similar beat-previewing video, more recently tweeted out by SGP, which clearly shows the young talent and a friend vibing out in the studio.

By: Richard Brooks / News / December 1, 2012 / 2926 Views
  • Spet

    Purrp has been talking about making a beat for Weeknd for some time now. The previews here are dope but would really the one for Weeknd fit a singer?

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  • I Think

    SGP & The Weeknd would actually make a good collab.

  • johnpauladams

    I thought he was done with music?

  • SGP

    I thought you were johnpauladams BITCH

  • Lifted

    it sounds dope but i cant really see weeknd singing over that loop sample

  • J__S

    Thats a damn good way to leave with a bang(er).

  • ASAP

    he is johnpauladams, and you still quit music.

  • MeenGene

    yall idiots, the first video on top was most likely the beat weeknds gonna use.

    Had no idea SGP samples Silent hill 2.

  • Ryan Kitson