Pro Era Co-Founder Capital STEEZ Dead at Age 19

Sad morning on the eve of Christmas as tragic news has spread on the passing of Pro Era co-founder Jamal Dewar, best known on mics as Capital STEEZ. Just 19 years old, and coming only days after the group's mixtape PEEP: The Aprocalypse.

This unfortunate xmas eve.. Lost a best friend, a brother, a pro, a partner. Letting go is never easy.. May ur soul rest in peace Jamal..

This was tweeted by his compadre Joey Bada$$ shortly after Steez shared his final tweet "The end."

We'll keep you updated as more news develops. Rest in power, Jamal.

By: Davis Huynh / News / December 24, 2012 / 10799 Views
  • BeingCharlie

    Joey was going cray on twitter last night, I wonder what happened

  • Mercy

    Far too young. RIP.

  • Sh4dy Operati0ns

    say it aint so

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  • RaminMusicBaconPussy

    FUCK this sucks so bad. There was so much coming from this young man.. Rest brother!

  • Tough

    i heard suicide. damn.

  • duggan

    such a shame set up one of the illest forces in hip hop pro era

  • nutmeg

    I always preferred Capital STEEZ above the rest of the Pro Era, his verses went so deep. It's a big loss.. May he rest in peace.

  • William Jenkins

    My heart goes out to his beloved ones and friends. Rest in piece man

  • hailmaryfullofgrace

    I got cold chills reading this. RIP to an artist I admired and looked forward to seeing him progress; but will never have the honor of meeting Capital STEEZE

  • nigga

    gtfoh, impossible.

  • rob

    i cant believe that !

  • Richard Brooks

    Damn, RIP to the young dude...

  • Humpenhuber

    god damn it... why do the good die young? may he rest in peace!

  • guest

    still cant believe it. ive been listening to pro era since day one. its a sad day in hip hop

  • Kanye East

    I was just reading a review of the dude. Wow

  • eggnog

    Capital STEEZ, 19, Austin Peralta, 22, this is incredibly sad news, best wishes at Christmas time to all Steez's family and the Pro Era Crew.

  • Ammar H

    So much talent.. RIP..

  • Gfresh

    Man, can't believe I'm reading this, I had been blasting steez all week, was such a smart and talented young dude coming up. Rest in peace steez, my thoughts are with his family and the PE crew.

  • robbb

    what the fuck? fuckkkkkkkkkkk. he was the best member of pro era! he had so much talent. fuck. he was too smart for the world

  • Charlotte TheDon

    Hip Hop just lost one of his most eminent member.


    one of the best PRO ERA members. RIP

  • Haco

    Bad news... rally bad news

  • skateboard_B.U.

    2 days later I still can't understand this, Really sad feel heart broken RIP STEEZ

  • Billz


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  • Astroprojecting47

    What you mean co-founder . He is the founder of pro era get it right . Joey said it and I knew it before pro era came to be . And also founder of 47 g-shit like he always say. R.i.p Capital steez !!! Give my brother the credit he deserves cause without him there's no pro era. Astro life baby . Astro projecting till we meet again!!!!

  • jon

    what is the significance of #47 ? i don't understand but i love his music and pro era's whole line. rip to him

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