Pharrell Talks About New Albums by Tyler, the Creator & Miley Cyrus

Some weeks ago a picture of Pharrell Williams and Tyler, the Creator in the studio with Miley Cyrus appeared on Instagram. Ever since then, it hasn't been a secret that Skateboard P is involved in the upcoming fourth album of the singer. In a conversation with MTV, Pharrell states her new record "is nowhere near what you think."

"Her sound right now is her personality...That's what we've been aiming for in the studio."

In addition, Pharrell delves into his book Places and Spaces I've Been and artists that he'd like to hear more of in 2013. He also shared some details on Tyler, the Creator's new album, referring to it as "crazy." It deals about issues that people go through and features "more comprehensive" rhymes as well as enhanced production. P also describes Tyler's state of mind as "hungry" and ready to surprise the industry. See the interview above.