Only Real – Backseat Kissers

West London teenage rapper Only Real unveils the visual treatment for the upcoming single “Backseat Kissers.” Directed by Yoni Lappin/Fred Ellis, the clip sees Only Real hanging out with friends in a typically Notting Hill-esque backyard doing what teenagers do on a hot summer’s day. The track’s filled with grime-orientated rhymes and soulful vocals for the hook that’s relayed over a psychedelic pop production. Watch the clip above and “Backseat Kissers” is out on January 28 via ASL Records.

By: Aymen Ahmed / Music Videos / December 14, 2012 / 1384 Views
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  • coldtee

    what's the beat? producer?

  • freedomcamemyway

    this guy is baitly some rich posh guy from chelsea

  • Furniture Music

    This is kind of... horrible. Like a watered-down, overexposed King Krule.

  • Palace

    This is dope as hell!

  • Ralph the ted

    instrumental needs to get released