UPDATE: Odd Future Accused of Attacking Fan On Stage, Claim Accuser Threw First Punch

Some drama ensured during Odd Future's concert in San Antonio, Texas on December 8. According to TMZ, the Los Angeles collective has been accused of beating up a fan during their show. Seventeen-year-old Chassan Rasagi has reportedly jumped on stage and was allegedly attacked by the group after having been thrown back and forth between the stage and the crowd. Planing to sue the band, Rasagi "suffered lacerations on his head, scratches, and burns to his body during the melee" and "suffered two seizures." It is worth pointing out that there are some witnesses "claim Rasagi threw the first punch." A video of the incident can be watched here.

UPDATE: We received word from the Odd Future camp that the accuser Chassan Rasagi threw the first punch during the brawl at their concert in San Antonio. In addition, Odd Future sent screenshots of several tweets from Rasagi's where he brags about the incoming paycheck from the lawsuit as well as a retweet from the 17-year-old fan seemingly acknowledging throwing the first punch. See below.

By: Petar Kujundzic / News / December 16, 2012 / 5238 Views
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  • queezie

    they need to learn to be at least a little professional

  • SvT

    I'm afraid a lot of the upcoming rappers could need a lecture. People like Asap Mob and Danny Brown have been in altercations with fans aswell and then not to forget all the rockstar douches in the world that have taken a swing against fans.

    All I can say is that it gets heated on the stage. From the video I have seen the kid takes a swing at Hodgy Beats after being pushed back up on stage then he got a bunch of people on him except for Tyler, Earl, Frank and some others. The kid probably didn't see that coming and I feel sorry for him even though he probably just sees a chance to cash in some money, at least thats my bet.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Despite37 Alex Cooper

    Rocky has calmed down tho ever since they got a lawsuit.

  • Real Dude

    How the fuck did he get burns on his body if they were beating him up. this is suspicious. And
    he suffered two seizures? that's possible, but still...
    Either way, If Earl's new album isn't dope they completely fell off I don't even like hearing Bastard songs coming up on shuffle anymore

  • 666

    Cudi has punched a fan for claiming a wallet that wasn't his, A$ap mob has beat up fans for "stealing a watch", Danny brown beat up a fan...etc etc. who gives a flying fuck if a dumb ass fan got hurt..at a fucking odd future show?!

  • Dude Real

    That's cuz your a little hipster douche that can't listen to stuff once people stop talking about it.

  • chicasso

    Your acting like if this never happened before. Look at Wu-Tang! lol

  • roger

    Hahaha. I'll drink to that!

  • YAK

    you go to an OF show, realize what kind of situation youre putting yourself into
    you don't go to a hardcore mosh pit concert and not expect to get fcked up
    If you watch OFs concert vids, theyre always throwing the annoying dudes off the stage once they hop on, so dude, think about it.

    Can't we have a few badass rappers anymore?? Yall are acting like bitches. Anyone remember ppl like say, DMX


    yous a bitch haaaaa

  • andy

    oh my god i never saw this coming......

  • http://twitter.com/misterbenedict Benny


  • Jabjal

    And if we look here children, we can see the magic of social media and the ups and downs of snitching...on yourself

  • Real Dude

    the beats always sounded cheap, i just think tyler's a good rapper.... but okay I guess I can't get tired of an album that was only fair from the start. I never thought they were that phenomenal to begin with, but you know me better than i do so I guess I'm a hipster douche

  • mr. cooper

    give it up for rocky's manager over here

  • ew guy


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  • http://www.facebook.com/Despite37 Alex Cooper

    I mean he's talked about it in interviews "Mr. Cooper"

  • gkhkgkg

    I like Odd Future, but a lot of their fans (especially at shows) are just fucking twats.

  • http://twitter.com/abuseandres Fire Starter

    This is just a really cool story.

  • Sen

    hahah so a few black dudes who are underage are hardcore ?
    Totally bullshit its an image for marketing and promoting their half assed rap career. Haven't heard one track from these rappers , which was as lyrically handsome as mosdefs or even from a newer one capital steezes lyrics.

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