Nardwuar vs. MellowHype

At the Vancouver stop of their tour, the Odd Future duo of Hodgy Beats and Left Brain, known collectively as MellowHype did as most artists do while in the Canadian city and had a conversation with Nardwuar. As always, the charismatic interviewer presents the interviewees with a number of gifts. For MellowHype it's baconnaise, bacon waffles and among other items including the usual swathe of rare vinyl records. Watch the interview in full above.

By: Aymen Ahmed / Interviews / December 18, 2012 / 1791 Views
  • TonyTooCool

    lmao so many quotables

  • Haco

    Why are they so off and sad?

  • boofalay

    "yea,,,uh... i stay eatin bacon" lb

  • J__S

    drugs. a lot of them.