Mac Miller – I Got Drunk And Played The Piano

A fairly common misconception with many artists these days is that they can't/don't actually play musical instruments. Of course, some don't at all, but on the reverse side to showcase his skills on the keys, Mac Miller today drops off an aptly titled release, "I Got Drunk And Played The Piano." The rapper leaves his lyricism alone for the on-hand audio, delivering a soothing selection, which you can enjoy via the stream below. Let us know how you're feeling about Mac's piano playing.

By: Jonathan Sawyer / Hip hop / December 14, 2012 / 5018 Views
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  • Chessir.

    Seems like a concept rip of Diplo's "Got stoned and mixed records for a half hour" Does saying he's drunk make this more listenable/impressive?

  • Swagpuffs

    I think he's just trying to tell people not to take it seriously. No matter good/bad you think it is, just keep in mind he was messing around.

  • jojo

    its context for the song you duck faced faggots

  • Chessir.

    I don't take this kid seriously anyway and this shit sounds like some Lifetime movie soundtrack.

  • Jaime Arellano

    Hey, more money for him if Lifetime puts it on a movie's soundtrack..

  • whoube

    this kid is fail

  • wert

    sounds like some minecraft music this wigga gay

  • Hay Zeus

    this isn't bad… this actual good. kanye west should do some work like this… no lyrics just music.

  • French

    Kanye can't play piano

  • Kiko

    Kanye can make music though lmao, he said no lyrics, not piano pieces.

  • J__S

    Your mom can't play piano.

  • Roque A. Deleon

    I thought this dude was gonna sing and get on some John Legend shit.

  • Omar

    I'm not even into Mac, but it's cool to try new things. Now, if he thinks he's the shit for this, he's wrong. But sometimes hypetrak or other sites just go fishing for shit to feed us. So much negativity.

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