Julia Losfelt – Mojo So Dope (KiD CuDi Cover)

A few months back, Julia Losfelt released a cover of a Living Legends track produced by well-known producer, Andrea. The Paris native is still quite new to the music world but with this cover of KiD CuDi's "Mojo So Dope" she is likely to increase her reputation within the industry. With her soft vocals she adds a sensual vibe and creates a completely different track. First a new Cudder video, now this? Enjoy!

By: Ramsey Cheng / Soul/R&B / December 19, 2012 / 10309 Views
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  • kk

    she obviusly has no idea wat she's sayin. Rly don't appreciate the use of nigga nd her singing but the beat is dope.

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  • Pashis

    pretty sure she's black

  • freedomcamemyway

    if she hadn't of said nigger then the song wouldn't be as good

  • Razors

    This cover was beyond shitty to begin with, her heavy french accent on all the English words so you can barely make out what she's saying is terrible. The only good thing about it is the instrumental. Whether she said that or not is irrelevant, dipshit.

  • BathingApe

    What the fuck... can you not see that picture of her?

  • Dirge Doogimus

    What's the deal with these female artists getting shine off of cover songs? Rita Ora prime suspect also. Save that shit for youtube.

  • http://twitter.com/zuCYDEbeats zuCYDE

    should've kept her mouth shut tho

  • Ed
  • Jesse Jackson

    its nigga, not nigger, there's a difference

  • J__S

    this track is too trippy which adds a unique vibe to the song that cudi definitely couldn't, thats the beauty of a cover.

  • Moocow

    When she curses it's the most awkward thing ever. AND SHE DIDN'T EVEN SAY "WE LIVE THIS SHIT" THAT IS THE SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Philip Oliver Holes

    this is hilarious

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