Game featuring Kanye West & Common – Jesus Piece

The title track from Game's forthcoming Jesus Piece album, which we've presumably all been waiting for, is now here. After receiving a snippet roughly two weeks back, now the full-length version can be enjoyed below. The Boi-1da and The Maven Boys-produced triple threat effort sees Kanye taking care of the hook as Game and Common then do their respective thing on the verses. Does it live up to the expectations? Let us know in the comment section. Jesus Piece hits in six days.

By: Jonathan Sawyer / Hip hop / December 5, 2012 / 16379 Views
  • Canuck

    Thank you Jesus that he never stayed with GUNIT!!!

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  • TonyTooCool

    he got kicked out he didn't have a choice

  • TonyTooCool

    now all he does is mimic whoever he's on a track with. i'd rather hear him back on g-unit honestly. at least he seemed to be his own man then

  • Chip

    been waiting on a collab of these 3 since ''Angel''

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    angel > this though...

  • IK

    Shit be kinda wack.

  • phillyphresh

    It's above average, but could've been better. 'Ye deserves his own verse, he only repeats 5 words over Game's 9-bar hook? dafuq !?

    The west coast references, and the religious and jewelry metaphors are what makes this track.

  • Beatzbym.E.


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  • Guest

    Common came through!

  • catori

    angel was gooooood

  • Elko

    You're not your own man when yelling G-G-G-G-Unit!

  • Jimmy

    Wait wait wait. Is it me or was The Game biting Ye's style on this hard?

  • jewtang

    this is the truest. i actually feel embarrassed for game when i hear him copy the people on his tracks

  • dylan dylan dylan dylan dylan

    why is lil wayne in the artwork?

  • Darnell Yancey

    Just you.

  • Darnell Yancey


  • Bachata Brandon

    Deserves his own verse? I feel like Ye probably didn't want to rap on this. It is a decent song.

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  • mr. suede

    That's why he is called the THE GAME
    (mimic your favorite rapper in the rap game )
    "what your favorite rapper can do, I can do better"....In His Mind

  • Cody Achter

    Okay no more Kurt Cobain puns.

  • Stevietaco

    Sounds like Kanye wrote Game's verse for him.

  • Garrett Broadnax

    Just realized how similar Game and J Cole sound.

  • Blouse

    Yeup, just like he did on that Tyler the Creator feature

  • Jay Electhanukkah

    Real artists shouldnt have to rely on features (coughKENDRICKcough)
    and...fuck anymore Kurt Cobain lines...

  • Jay Electrolysis

    stupidest concept ever tho...

  • Nico Lopez

    Why does Game have to mimic every rapper that does a feature on his shit?

  • Blocka

    Are you saying Game relied on Kendrick or that Kendrick relies on features because if its the latter ur talking about Kendrick barely has any REAL features on his album other than Dre,Drake, MC Eiht, and Jay Rock. Other than that its lady gaga and anna wise but they just did vocals.

  • Brittany Haddix

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