Earl Sweatshirt – Chum

Earlier today, Earl Sweatshirt displayed some disheartening back-and-forth on Twitter regarding whether or not the music video for "Chum" was coming out today. But after a couple of hours, it appears that the miscommunication has been solved and his latest visual effort has hit his VEVO channel after all. Hey, at least the situation gave Tyler something to laugh about. Now, with expectations high, we have the follow-up to Earl's eponymous viral hit that helped catapult him and his Odd Future cohorts to recognition. As you watch the 18-year-old wander about in these gloomy black and white visuals and you try to determine the significance of the flaming shopping carts and giant frogs, maybe you can get an idea of where his head is at the moment. "Chum" is available for purchase as a single on iTunes now.

By: Matt Morris / Music Videos / December 4, 2012 / 7159 Views
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  • dibango

    definitely interested for the themes/topics/songs for the album...

  • yungniga


  • himguy

    Earl is impressive. Glad no other wolf gang dudes got in on this to fuck it up. I can appreciate both, but I'm looking forward to see how he brings it on his own. Good shit.

  • ziptoad

    amazing song amazing video

  • Jimmy

    Hearing this I can finally say he is a good rapper. Everything else prior was very meh.

  • Swagpuffs

    Am I the only one who thinks this video sucks? Don't get me wrong, I love the song and I'm a huge Earl fan but the video was just boring to me

  • Jay Electrolysis

    youre globalizing tremendously

  • Twitter Pope

    why because he not running around like a jackass like tyler ?

  • himguy

    Art thou riled?



  • Jay Electrolysis

    Nay. Im just logical.
    Look up the name Frank Ocean if you want to be put to shame.

  • 231-330-8004

    For the love of Based God, can you release the song you did with Chuck Inglish already? Damn

  • himguy

    ... As if I don't know who Frank Ocean is? Also, as if he's in this video/song? What are you even saying here chief?

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  • http://twitter.com/iSkeptic TonyTooCool

    damn, Mike Jones u not lowww

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  • http://www.facebook.com/benedictwilliams Benedict Williams

    That one came out, but it turned out to be a Casey Veggies song featuring Earl. It's called "PNCINTOFWGKTA"

  • EarlyJones

    Was a great song already. And I love the video, there's something sinister to it...

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  • Canuck


  • earls father

    yo earl gay

  • Jay Electrolysis

    Listen. Let me quote you: "Glad no other wolf gang dudes got in on this to fuck it up"
    FYI, Frank is part of the Wolf Gang. No shit he is not in this song. You said that you were glad that he, along with any other Odd Future members, were not on this song to "fuck it up"
    I highly doubt Frank Ocean, winner of SPIN Magazine's album of the year, would "fuck it up"
    Thus were your globalizing is evident.
    Good day.

  • yoo

    straight up....besides Tyler and Big Brother, Earls the only one worth lookin at it. Hodgy mediocre as fuck...domo nice tho

  • kingz

    You keep using that word "globalizing." I don't think it means what you think it means.

  • Jewberries

    I actually agree, Earl is the only fucking OF member I can listen to nowadays. No matter how little content he releases, it's always awesome. Mellowhype is never impressive to me, and I dont really give a fuck about Wolf at this point. Frankeh is more of like.. a solo artist who happens to be in OF, it's not his main act, and his solo work is fucking brilliant as well.

  • eggs

    no thats not it

  • Adam Z.

    (281) is mike jones

  • http://www.facebook.com/benedictwilliams Benedict Williams

    Just looked it up and you're right, my bad.

  • Ross CMR

    Yo this video is just as good as the song! couldnt have asked for a better visual. Cant wait for the new album “Doris” to drop

  • nick

    I always thought Earl was talented before this song dropped and after looking into the lyrics and like the intricacies of this songs, its honestly one of the best songs of recent times.. like fuck

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