Cocaine 80s – Lucid

Cocaine 80s have a new EP on the horizon titled The Flower Of Life. The collective that includes the likes of Common, Steve Wyreman, Rob Kinelski, Kevin Randolph, James Fauntleroy, Makeba and more offer up the first audio impression from said EP in the shape of “Lucid.” The track is a solo effort from James Fauntelroy, listen in below and stay tuned for more from the group in the coming weeks.

By: Aymen Ahmed / Soul/R&B / December 21, 2012 / 3382 Views
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  • mr. suede

    No I.D. needs to just make it offical and drop a full album....I'm not head-over the hill this song but i still like it some

  • Freddy Hearsecury

    In three years everyone will realize how ahead of its time this material is especially in the context of popular"urban" music. Great songwriting

  • fakamo

    dat flower of life tho

  • John Adams

    After this, I can honestly say James is a better artist than Abel, overall.

  • kamerontheusbox

    That's preference homie, but I agree. It's surprising to me that No I.D. hasn't done (can't do?) more to get this kid heard, given his position as executive VP at Def Jam.

  • Freddy Hearsecury

    I think he is doing allot, using his budget over at Atrium to keep this cat as well as his other artists in the studio developing. From my experience people generally underestimate the amount of time, effort and money that goes into even developing an act, with no guarantee of a return other than the love in your heart. Def Jam isn't going to put a dime behind a solo act unless they catch absolutely on fire online, case in point Frank Ocean.

  • Kameron Theus-Box

    You're right, I probably fired that off too hastily. I think James Fauntleroy has the songwriting ability to make music as successful as Frank, but as a marketable persona idk

  • Kameron Theus-Box

    Did some research and looking at some of the placement on records he got this year, I'm completely wrong about the No ID thing; he's getting opportunities. But, frankly-- no pun intended--, he might not necessarily look the part for a major label "rnb" type, as much as that sucks to say. That might be a factor .

  • Freddy Hearsecury

    you are absolutely 100% correct I was actually gonna say the same in my post its sad because I really want to see this cat win hes super talented.

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