Toro Y Moi Discusses His Upcoming Album ‘Anything In Return’

Toro Y Moi surprised fans with the release of the "So Many Details" remix with Odd Future member Hodgy Beats last week, and with a new album Anything In Return set to drop at the top of next year, Chaz Bundick now shares some of the details of the LP. Sitting down with Pitchfork as a part of their Pitchfork Weekly series, Bundick explains the inspirations leading to the creation of his third album.

This record was just me having fun, making music that my girlfriend would dance to or something.

Toro Y Moi held a listening party/art show for fans to enjoy the album away from the computer, and you can check out the entire offering up above.

By: Richard Brooks / Interviews / November 14, 2012 / 881 Views
  • JL the Oddity

    So Many Details quickly became my favorite song of 2012. Its a different sound from Chaz, but its addictive. Cant wait to cop the album.

  • Brandon001

    it is addictive, great track, actually got me into Toro