The Weeknd – Twenty Eight

After recently letting loose an extended snippet, we now receive a radio rip of one of The Weeknd's new tracks that is to appear on his much-anticipated Trilogy release. Per usual, "Twenty Eight" is directed at the ladies as Abel dishes on a love gone wrong. Enjoy it below and don't forget, his Trilogy set hits on November 13.

By: Jonathan Sawyer / Soul/R&B / November 6, 2012 / 8030 Views
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  • Jimmy

    Something is telling me that House of Balloons was Abel's peak. I hope it isn't though. He needs to kiss and make up with Jeremy Rose.

  • joey

    this is great. didnt really like the last half tho

  • Mroll

    Growth is what people dont appreciate.... Great song...

  • Ksmith

    Jeremy wasnt the only producer on House of Ballons though

  • Zodiac

    But Jeremy made the original three songs that we all fell in love with(the three songs that blew him up).

  • Ksmith

    Maybe, but my top three from that album were High for this, the morning and Wicked games. None of those had him on it. Either way, I think the Weeknd is doing fine with J. Rose.

  • dj unk

    shutup bitch nigga dont make claims like "songs that we all fell in love with" u sound hella gay

  • Ksmith


  • skippx3

    Song could have been better. Great lyrics.. sucky beat. First half was good but the second half threw me off a little. But its not bad. Just could have been way better. Just hope he fixes it before it comes out on CD.

  • AZ

    Dont get me wrong this is a great R&B song. But I feel like any other R&B artist could replicate this and "Enemy". This doesn't sound like the HoB Abel we all fell in love with

    If you ask me, the first thing that comes to mind when I'm asked what kind of music The Weeknd creates, I'd say its music that strippers can dance to. Musical production that's almost sadistic, fucked up, and just dark in nature.

    He needs to go back to stripping music

  • Guril

    G T F O H

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  • AZ

    Nah bruh

  • Ksmith

    Every artist goes through some sort of progression. I think its just where he is at right now. Some people will dig it, others wont.

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