The Weeknd featuring Drake – The Zone

It was only several hours ago that The Weeknd gave us a 30-second teaser of the music video for one of his most popular tracks, "The Zone," which was originally released on his sophomore project, Thursday, in August 2011. But with anticipation high and his retail debut, Trilogy, in stores next Tuesday, he tweeted that the full thing would be coming tonight. It turns out Abel Tesfaye is a man of his word. In this self-directed video, the 22-year-old crooner is found singing in an ominous warehouse setting with scenes of a blonde female projected on the wall behind him. The dark clips are juxtaposed by bright ones of the lingerie-clad female doing her makeup with a bottle all to herself in a room full of multicolored balloons, a constant theme in Tesfaye's imagery since House Of Balloons catapulted him into the limelight in March 2011. Drake comes into the frame for his own verse, which is now placed in the middle of the track instead of at the end as it was originally. But when he does, the female's shindig is no longer a glamorous affair. What's the meaning behind it? Look into those eyes deep enough and maybe you'll find out.

By: Matt Morris / Music Videos / November 8, 2012 / 6269 Views
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  • CK

    only like a year late but word

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  • Travelin’ Man

    should the weeknd's music be labled "love-horror"?

  • Travelin’ Man

    . . . .dipped in tragedy

  • roger

    cool video bro

  • 6

    They made this video the right way. Months ago when I heard that they were recording The Zone, I immediatly thought of the feature with Drake. I was afraid he would get to many highlight because of that but instead they gave him minimal screen time. The Weeknd definitely knows what he is doing.

  • devlance

    no, it should be labeled as "the weeknd - (insert song title)"

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  • RahmiSafari

    Pretty impressive for a self directed piece. Disappointed with the visuals for drakes part though, would've anticipated something more classy and less grimey

  • asdfj


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  • Jimbo

    bitch got some fangs! she gon get this work!

  • MJ

    ...Tragedy Dipped Balloon Swag Love Horror