Teebs – Bleep

West Coast producer and Brainfeeder signee, Teebs shares with us a new mellow track that he titles "Bleep." Making sure each added instrument gets its appropriate time to shine, the track is calming tune, in definite need of an extension as it currently only comes with a 77-second timespan before shutting down. The track was shared via his SoundCloud with the attached photo of an airplane flying over trees. If you know any airlines providing music such as this on their inflight playlists, let us know where to sign up. Stream the song down below and enjoy.

By: Richard Brooks / Alternative / November 15, 2012 / 1022 Views
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  • jimbojones

    cool but a little too simple, dude's gotta mix it up or he'll be stuck in flylo's shadow.

  • 3.141

    i recommend you listen to more teebs.

  • jimbojones

    forsure, this is the first track I've heard from him so I'll check him out.

  • crazyfeel

    Teebs - Why Like This

  • Niv

    amazing song