Shyne – Bury Judas (Game Diss)

Shyne is back with the struggle raps, this time taking aim at The Game through the form of "Bury Judas." Taking a note or two off Ross's "BMF" hook, the one time Bad Boy rhymer lays out a couple bars knit-picking at yet another rapper. Is it even worth it for Game to respond? Press play and see.

By: Davis Huynh / Hip hop / November 28, 2012 / 1934 Views
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  • Omar A. Gonzalez

    Terrrrrrrrible, this foo sounds like he's sitting on the pot constipated, clown.

  • jon lou

    the man's voice is gone. give it up shyne, your time is done. find a new occupation

  • Sybil

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  • Musicforme

    This is just sad. Game will murder this fool any day of the week ..

  • gaylord

    AND WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU WEARING A CORNELL SHIRT??!!! thats not cool in any way

  • Shawn Sepehry

    stop picking battles you can't handle. It's not even worth game's time. Just trying to get some media attention.

  • Zachary Philip

    Goooooldberggg Goooooooldberggg

  • Max

    Probably because it's red

  • TonyTooCool

    damn son this shit boring as hell

  • PastelLaFlare

    Why steal KanYe's Ad-lib HAAAAAANN?

  • DJ Jamad

    Shyne, all of your attempts to make a comeback have failed. Don't go out like a sucker brothaman. Just rap your 1 or 2 songs that youre known for at weddings or something. Chill with all that bitterness & beef nonsense. You need work not more enemies