Paris Hilton featuring Lil Wayne – Untitled

Sure, we can imagine what you are thinking right now. And you're probably right. But you still want to check out what Lil Wayne and Paris Hilton sound like when they combine their respective forces on a record. This collaboration has been developing for quite some time but TMZ has now obtained a presumably rough draft of the yet untitled song. Weezy references the most famous sex tape of all time, 1 Night In Paris, while the protagonist is also offering her two cents on this delicate subject matter. Yes, you might as well just listen to it, and no, you won't get the 3:23 minutes of your life refunded.

By: Petar Kujundzic / Alternative / November 20, 2012 / 5361 Views / Source: HipHop-N-More
  • James Moshis

    oh god.

  • Julien Victorious

    "buss it wide open for a trukfit sweater" lmfao Please slay me now.

  • Hakim Hm

    best sex tape ever x)

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  • don

    y ?

  • nutmeg

    The title is a very exact example of their creativity

  • RobdaBot El Talentino Jakubczy

    What the Fuuuuu....Weezy whats wrong wit ya!?

  • Eddie Bruce Watson

    It's thanks to Afrojack (her boyfriend) for making this worthwhile. Just get rid of Wayne and Paris and leave it as an Afrojack instrumental.

  • Twanda Coulbourne

    Weezy taught her? Check out The Invisible's cover of Arcade Fire's "The Suburbs" much better use of 3.23 minutes of your life

  • JK8T

    Too bad they're not together anymore

  • aboynamedandy


  • coldtee

    tinkerbell bodied wayne

  • coldtee

    too bad you know that

  • Bogdan Wolynetz

    That Bitch love washing cars

  • svks

    So glad that Wayne is murdering his career, image and all in between

  • asdijfio

    This video gave me a boner.

  • Sogoddamnbad

    It is very obvious that Afrojack produced this horrible song.

  • ZastroBeaming

    ........................ x infinity

  • spliff

    if this isnt a sign the world is ending... i dont know what is

  • shitcan

    weezy still kills his verse tho.

  • MJ

    Video of the year.

  • drake


  • black hippy

    i actually think this is pretty good #shitnoonesays

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