Pac Div featuring Blu & Kendrick Lamar – Cross Trainers

Pac Div doesn't hold back anything with their latest cut "Cross Trainers." Keeping it all West Coast, the trio picks up Blu and Kendrick Lamar to kick some rhymes and enlist in-house producer Swiff D to lay the beat. The collective of rappers all do their thing on the track and you can get your first listen down below. GMB is set to hit stores November 27.

By: Richard Brooks / Hip hop / November 7, 2012 / 4321 Views
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  • Craig

    Pac Div them dudes! Expected a little better beat from Swiff Diesel though

  • Fletch Lotus

    Beat makes it kind of hard to even focus on the lyrics. Not feeling this. Blu and Kendrick being on there together, i was really expecting much more.


    couldve been mixed and engineered better.

  • Charlotte TheDon

    this beat is too much

  • Heric Rubio

    This is super dope. Admittedly, the mixing could have been a little better and the chorus is a little overwhelming, but overall the beat is hot. That wavering synth throughout the song is ill.

  • Romeo 213

    Shut the Fuck up and be glad we are runnin shit on the West these days and all you can do is talk shit you ungrateful cowards. Cuz if Pac was alive you bitch mades would get bombed on

  • Bad.myopic.sheep

    niiiice, been waiting for the div

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