Lil Wayne Confirms Retirement After ‘Tha Carter V’

The talks and rumors have been ongoing, but Lil Wayne has now made it clear. Tunechi will leave the rap stage after dropping Tha Carter V. However, before it comes to that, he will unleash the fifth installment of his Tha Carter series, Weezy will serve his next album I Am Not A Human Being II, which is now due February 19. In a conversation with MTV's Sway after premiering his latest video, the New Orleans native unveiled some collaborations and producers on the album. Despite prior speculation, Kanye West will not be featured on the album, but will be involved in designing the album packaging. The LP will also consist of leftovers from his previous albums — Tha Carter III and Tha Carter IV. Watch Wayne's delving into his imminent departure from the microphone above, catch the entire conversation here, and leave some words in the comment section below.

By: Petar Kujundzic / News / November 22, 2012 / 4162 Views
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  • robe du mariage

    J'aime vraiment votre blog, j'ai vraiment aimé cet article

  • Gregory Thomas

    god let this be true

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  • Anonymous

    Thanksgiving Day just started and everything is headed off on a good note :')

  • swerveeeee

    thank tha laaawdd

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  • Bendik Blix

    About time!!

  • Rell

    Its a shame that so many people hate on a person who has managed to be successful.

  • Gayrell

    Dickriding Lil Wayne?

  • dumdaydoe

    Thank You JESUS!

  • black hippy

    let him be a good example to the rest of ymcmb wat they should be doing

  • halle

    Thank you, lord Jesus for saving us!

  • Elie

    This might save us from 2012!

  • iHate0923

    Tunechi is garbage. So is the rest of Young Money.

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  • GAV

    our prayers have finally been answered!

  • Tory Barnes™ ♓

    Something else to be thankful for this thanksgiving weekend

  • Lamar

    All of you are just hopping on the "lets just hate on lil wayne bandwagon" bc its the cool thing to do on the internet
    As an educated, Cudi and Kanye lovin music fan, Lil Wayne had at least two great albums in the Carter series that you should definitely not just turn your back to.
    Chill out. and no, I am not a "dickrider"

  • Bo Bun

    are.. are you sure

  • yourmother

    Just like HOVA did....

  • Lamar


  • loc

    Hating on Wayne isn't an internet trend. Niggas hate on Wayne because his music is shit now. Yeah everyone was on the bandwagon calling him the best rapper alive 4-5 years ago when he was actually putting out good music but recently his music's changed and doesn't appeal to hip hop fans as much anymore. But I guess you being such an "educated, Cudi and Kanye lovin music fan," must have missed that and assume we hate him cause it's cool. You must think you're so different.

  • Real Dude

    nigga I've hated Wayne since I was a kid, don't assume. His voice alwaaaaays bothered me, he sounds like a whiny kid with bad lungs. Cudi's not that great either, he's trying so hard to be "indie." We need more true innovators man, the Kendricks, Danny Browns and such. Flatbush, The Underachievers. Real shit.

  • Vincent Sumait

    Since you were a kid, haha. And you're what, 15-16, now? Danny Brown too!? Really? You don't know what you're talking about. More power to you to hate on Wayne, but he did have shit on lock with the first Carter, that can't be denied.