KiD CuDi featuring King Chip – Just What I Am

A few days ago we shared with you some on-the-set photos from the video, and now KiD CuDi makes his directorial debut with the release of his music video for "Just What I Am." The track features longtime collaborative companion King Chip, as the two emcees hit the road and party alongside some female friends. CuDi also incorporates some psychedelic special effects in the gold-framed clip, and you can enjoy it in full up above. The track will appear on his fourth studio album, Indicud, set to drop early next year.

By: Richard Brooks / Music Videos / November 6, 2012 / 6476 Views
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  • Elie

    Love those effects. So Trippy

  • mike


  • mike


  • MoFo

    CuDi is back!

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  • Rozco Downey Jr.

    @3:34 "We see all" followed by @3:35 the Eye Of Horus inside a pyramid.

  • Rozco Downey Jr.

    @ 3:34 and @ 3:35

  • Eddie Bruce Watson


  • cockluvver



    a) that eye or horus shit @ 3:35 is trippy..thanks to @992cc207140b340441b3ac43c095e047:disqus for pointing that out...b) in the first half of the video before the aoki cameo (maaaybe mac miller @ 3:19) it really seemed like it was just cudi, chip, and the random tall dude just partying in a room full of bitches

  • HarshReality

    i love how it's about smoking pot and yet there's no pot smoking to be found in the video lol

  • Garrett Nutgrass

    think that that prophet or logic dude or whatever his name is, the white rapper, is with aoki too. white rappers love cudi

  • Garrett Nutgrass

    I got that eye tatted on my leg, IM ILLUMINATIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII *screaming*

  • jimbojones


  • Dusty Mane

    where the hoes at

  • curiousgeorge

    why did he throw all these Illuminati symbols in the video

  • Iván Fernando Torres

    He never go back..

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  • Omar

    is that mac miller at 3:19?

  • ggeezy

    fitter it cant get, init

  • D

    Eye of Horus appears again at 3.39 too - very quick mind

  • kryptoniteboots

    the pyramid with the eye shows up the first time at 2:47. really quick though.

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  • BathingApe

    Effects are on point.

  • Josh Daigle

    I think so! Good look man I wouldn't have noticed that.

  • 216

    Cleveland niggas on TOP!!! It's the Takeover, St. Clair, Bellaire, Huff, Hell's Kitchen, Eastside, Westside. Cleveland IS THE REASON!!!

  • Jamila Wallace

    I really wish people would stop insulting one of the world's greatest civilizations with this "Illuminati" bullshit. But they'd rather wallow in their ignorance than do a little research. After all, fan fiction is so much more exciting than the truth. -__-

  • Christian the Lion

    Dope AF