Kendrick Lamar Says He’s Competitive with Jay-Z, Nas & Kanye West

With Kendrick Lamar currently in Europe, the TDE emcee recently had the opportunity to sit down with US Rap News. K-Dot spoke on a variety of topics, including good kid, m.A.A.d city becoming a classic over time, how he is now competitive with everyone, namely Jay-Z, Nas and Kanye West, as well as a few other items. To hear exactly what the ever-popular rapper had to say, press play above. Also, be sure to grab a copy of good kid, m.A.A.d city if you still have yet to do so.

By: Jonathan Sawyer / Interviews / November 9, 2012 / 4963 Views
  • crit.

    Definitely on their level.

  • Mj_Hovito

    Kendrick isn't a legend yet.

  • yeeee


  • wut


  • Andy Mitchell


  • gfunk

    He's still a rookie. Drop a few more albums and then you can talk competition. One classic album doesn't mean u can compete with generals who have put in work for well more then a decade nd more.. this lil nigga should get in a mindset of a rookie then calling himself densely. Learn your place "hoyt"/Rookie

  • gfunk

    Denzel *

  • saiodjfo

    Those promo mextapes don't count?

  • Graye Matter


  • sooba

    legends aren't made over 1 great album...

  • Just saying

    1. 2 great albums

  • MHWB

    if you're saying this is based on consistency in quality of the albums an artist puts out, then, in comparison, why do we respect Biggie Smalls as a legend? He only released one album before his death, yet is respected as the biggest legend of hip-hop culture.

    I believe Kendrick is on their level and shouldn't be compared to anyone lower. I am a fan of hip-hop, punk rock, acoustic, etc. and it has been a LONG time since I have heard quality in a record like GKMC. The image on the cover, the skits, the story, everything was thought about.

  • ironic

    Section 80 was a digital album and also a classic. So technically this is his second classic album. Even if you want to count GKMC as his first please recognize that his debut is the best debut you've heard in the last 5 to 7 years. Give him his credit

  • izzypa23

    dr dre has put out just 2 albums and he's legend just sayin

  • Esteban Snake

    so what about Biggie?

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  • rodrcr22

    Yo, if his first major album is this good and different, that means he is good. No matter if he is a rookie for you or not. He is already lecturing big name rappers.

  • Elie

    Yet ya bish

  • Guest

    so biggie a rookie ?

  • rorono zoro

    Yet ya bish

  • djones

    His shit isn't fucking classic. It's boring, over-thought, and overrated. He isn't jesus christ.

  • fence


  • fence

    dont be angry cos we like it lol jc didn't make no albumz anyway chill

  • Elie

    Lil B...enough say lol

  • Ya Bish

    so lucky i gotta sign in to dislike this comment

  • mightyhealthy

    he also put out two classics before this, overly dedicated and section .80, in my opinion section .80 is better than gkmc and one of the true classic albums of this generation, i love gkmc but still

  • joe

    i agree.