Kendrick Lamar Chooses Next Single

Riding high off the success of his debut album good kid, m.A.A.d city, the moment has arrived for Kendrick Lamar to choose the next single. According to HipHop-N-More, the Compton native has chosen the Drake-assisted "Poetic Justice." As you already should know, the song was produced by Scoop DeVille and features a neat sample arrangement of Janet Jackson's "Any Time, Any Place." An accompanying music video is in the plans as well. Let us know your thoughts on K Dot's choice below.

By: Petar Kujundzic / News / November 22, 2012 / 5592 Views
  • Garrett Nutgrass

    Easy choice. Weak choice. Good song, but wish he wouldn't have chosen the obvious choice.

  • Kris Miles

    It should've been "the art of peer pressure" but that's probably too heavy for the radios so it's understandable why he chose poetic justice


    Damnit! Hopefully he does a video for "money trees". I'm dying to see what Anna Wise looks like..

  • AFS

    I prefer 'Money Trees' for single...

  • Mj_Hovito

    Drake being on the single will get it more sales and raise kendricks profile even more, thats just the way it works

  • MAUI

    But if it's too heavy for the radios why would it be a good single choice... ?

    Although "Money Trees" would be a good choice, "Poetic Justice" is ideal because the concept is light, hook can be easily remembered and oh... Drake's on it haha.

  • estgf
  • FortyFive

    ever heard of google?

  • what happend Ya Bish ?

    m.a.A.d city ?

  • MoFo

    Go buy a chopper and have a doctor on speed dial.. I guess.

  • aboynamedandy

    I get why labels sell singles *after* the album, but it's just condescending to the core fans. If you're only getting hip to Kendrick through a Drake-featuring single you've seen on the iTunes home page, give up on being a "music fan" like yesterday.

  • J-red

    Hell yeah, I agree with trees..



  • sean

    whatever happen to the recipe video....

  • Bendik Blix

    The art of peer pressure? money trees? m.a.a.d city? Collect calls? These are songs that i would prefer for singles... I guess the fame is starting to eat him up

  • yehaoi

    for all your dumbasses out there, that is the exact reason why he had drake feature on his album in the first place.

  • jabjal

    The positive response is overwhelming!

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  • Ya bish

    Of course drake, the main factor here, would've like to see sing about me, 7+ min songs are trending now and it's arguably the best song on the album

  • brvhbrvh

    give the guy a break... he already made a solid hip-hop album that stayed away from the commercial bullshit we get nowadays... let him get some $$$$$$$$

  • mp

    How many times have the best songs [to you] been the single? you think an artist chooses a single because you'll like it? he knows its good. the best songs dont need the hype because theyre already the best. the single is about whats commercial for the artist and what will get them noticed by the general public (or in hip-hops case, the younger generation). Swimming Pool was the first song he chose and thats the only song i skip on the album. but shit, all the half-ass fans listen to that song all day and try to call Kendrick dope. The next song after that was Poetic Justice, and as stated, because of Drake. It was the first song on the radio once the album came out. coincidence? naw. marketing.

  • BrwnB3ar

    but if people are "getting hip to kendrick" isn't that just a win for everybody, especially him? who cares how someone comes to appreciate something great, at least it's being appreciated and advanced in culture. If that means sugarcoating Kendrick with Drake, who by the way, despite his obvious shortcomings (read: maxipad softness/female tendencies) has helped bring hip-hop back from the dark place that was the 2000s, then Kendrick gets to make more money and then more music. If drake will open doors, ears and minds for more people to hear kendrick, so be it. we're all better off.

  • Vodou
  • Bigsleep2315

    Backseat freestyle should've been his next single! Change radio I want that raw shit. Granted I can't tell you three songs that come on the radio

  • Gangstalicious

    Swimming pools was a good song though... Not like it was a random song about nothing.

  • Gangstalicious

    he dropped a classic album and niggas still wanna find ways to hate

  • mp

    Undoubtedly, as the whole album is above par. it stands out as it's own song and it goes with the story as a whole, making it the perfect track to hype up the album. hence it being the first single. and poetic justice being the second just continues to prove that.


    wasn't 'the recipe' the first single?

  • ohdatdurn

    smart move will get more play...but i still wanna see a visual for that m.a.a.d city slapper yack yaack yaaack yaack

  • Apex

    Kendrick and his niggas tryna get it, ya bish

  • PastelLaFlare

    242,000 is $$$$$$

  • idiots

    shut yo dumb ass back down.


  • kenzo

    lamar said that isn't coming out.

  • CEO

    for the label

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  • A2dareed

    Really? For a fucking single? Collect calls? m.A.A.d city? Money Trees? How the fuck would they get played on the radio?

    "Look at all the bull$#!% I been through"
    (Plus it is too deep for the radio [same with Art of Peer Pressure])

    "Me and my ni**as tryna get it ya b!$#"
    (Once again, the constant profanity would make this song less enjoyable)

    "Man down, where you from ni**a?"
    (This could work actually, maybe 4th single... But you know, the beat changes & stuff... so it's a bit different. Poetic Justice is much safer for him to continue riding his high)

  • A2dareed

    No, just no. That's not a radio song, and he's not Eminem.

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  • Oktayne

    distribution deal he has no real record deal