Joey Bada$$ featuring Ab-Soul – Enter The Void

Young Joey Bada$$ links with West Coast rapper Ab-Soul for his newest track release, here dubbed "Enter The Void." Per usual with the rising emcee, impressive lyricism showcases the tag team take, but who leaves with the best bars? You tell us after hearing the audio above. Also, if you think the single is worth a purchase, follow the link on over to iTunes to grab it today.

By: Jonathan Sawyer / Hip hop / November 13, 2012 / 5953 Views
  • datroof

    Enter the Void >>>>> Fuckin' problem

  • crazyfeel

    "no Jesus Christ and Sean Carter are my only rivals, im da messiah of rap my catalogue is the bible"

  • jusayin

    ab-soul bodied joey. no denying

  • funkNsteez

    Rap Game Age of Enlightenment

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  • ferg

    Ab Soul = deadly lyricist

  • ferg

    Ab Soul = Deadly lyricist

  • dexler

    its a lot of songs worse than this one. why'd you choose to compare it to fuckin problem?

  • rororno zoro

    keep ya muthafukin chakras open

  • datroof

    kus it has the hottest dudes in the game comin up with shit. so wack..Meanwhile these dudes just drop some funk and just shit on everybody.

  • Beatzbym.E.


  • black hippy

    the day has come soulo and joey!! collab of the year

  • LOU

  • Mj_Hovito


  • nutmeg

    I completely forget about overrated Kendrick when I listen to stuff like this