Game – Holy Water

After letting loose the track just yesterday, Game is already back with coinciding visuals for his new "Holy Water" offering. As expected, due to the title of the cut, the footage will seemingly cause a bit of controversy, as the piece showcases a variety of the West Coast rapper's more prized possessions. As of right now, the song is not scheduled to appear on his upcoming Jesus Piece album, due out in December. Enjoy and check back for more as Game is slated to release new material every Sunday until the December 11 drop.

By: Jonathan Sawyer / Music Videos / November 5, 2012 / 2623 Views
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  • Sheesh

    Terrible song, terrible video.

  • Michael

    damn. this beat is nice. game went in on this for sure.

  • tigerbluud

    big butt. big poops.

  • Elie

    For those disappointed...
    I like the Game and his flow on this but the video....meh

  • The great

    The beat is beautiful, the ass makes it even better

  • datnigganigga

    Idc what anyone says, I'll always have love for Game. Song's dopeee.

  • Nostalgic Shawty

    Ya'll remember when he came out with the hurricanes? Them shoes was cool but I ain't never bought a pair.

  • Josh Daigle

    When did Game drop "The"?

  • Dixon Romeo

    Game is doing better on not name dropping other rappers. The beat is excellent.

  • Andrew