Drake and Chris Brown Avoid Charges in Nightclub Altercation

Good news for Drake and Chris Brown. Neither one of them will face charges over their alleged roles in a violent altercation at a New York nightspot which took place back in summer. Authorities in New York said that botth artists will not be charged with any criminal offenses over the massive brawl due to “lack of evidence" – despite a number of victims have filed lawsuits against the pair, including NBA star Tony Parker.

However, these are not the brightest days for Drake, who lost his grandmother on Thanksgiving day (November 22). Drake took to Twitter, where he shared news of his loss with his followers:

“Rest in peace to my grandmother Evelyn Sher. What a day to go…thankful to have had the times we did,”

Drake is currently in the recording studio working on the follow-up to his hit album Take Care.

By: Petar Kujundzic / News / November 24, 2012 / 2352 Views
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  • BeingCharlie

    Cheer up Drakey, you were on GKMC!

  • roger

    Can we really call Take Care a "hit" album?

  • TheDoctor

    You're acting like this guy doesn't sell records.

  • greg

    he doesn't sell records. he sells heartbreaks.

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  • tommy

    boi hellllllll naw.

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