Chief Keef featuring Ballout – Dat Loud

While continuing to prep his much-anticipated debut album Finally Rich, Chief Keef now offers up a free track, titled "Dat Loud." The cut pairs the ever-popular Chicago rapper with Ballout as you can hear it for yourself via the video stream above. Keef's Finally Rich project is scheduled to be here on December 18. Are you looking forward to it?

By: Jonathan Sawyer / Tracks / November 2, 2012 / 2040 Views
  • Mike

    Roscoe Dash + 2 Chainz + Lil B noises = Chief Keef

  • Bola Thompson

    Please someone tell me I'm not crazy and this actually sucks.

  • blablam

    sht was it just me or did i just hear kid cudi featured on there?


    Why are ya'll supporting this trash..

  • Mickaël Ln

    That's that shit I don't like

  • Manny

    what happened to love sosa

  • aopsfiouj


  • Mugen_EtE

    what a deal now i have to give him my money...Like the wal-mart of trap

  • tigerbluud


  • serewtgetr4terg

    someone needs to bury all gbe and chiraq, pieces of shit

  • jimbojones

    yea niga three hunna smokin dat loud firreee niggaaa

  • Mohan Guaranteed

    soulja 2.0

  • Jalen

    Dat Loud - Young Dro