UPDATE: Captain Murphy – Duality (Mixtape)

All the questions formulated over hip-hop's mystery man Captain Murphy may finally start to get answers as we now get to enjoy his new project Duality. The emcee, who also shares his name with one of the main characters on Adult Swim's Sealab 2021, has previously been linked to Flying Lotus, Earl Sweatshirt, Tyler, the Creator and TNGHT, and he not only shares the individual tracks to be streamed, but also a 35-minute psychedelic video for his project as well. Choose your preferred method for viewing the album either by checking out the NSFW video clicking here or through SoundCloud down below. No download link has been provided as of yet, but listen through and let us know if you think you picked up any clues to lead to solving this mystery down below.

UPDATE: You can now download the entire project by clicking here.

By: Richard Brooks / Hip hop / November 19, 2012 / 12651 Views
  • Brandon001

    Nooo, not really, i just never liked Odd Future at all bruh. see, thats what happens when you reply to someone you don't know on the internet assuming that they are close minded, you end up looking foolish, friend. but what the fuck am i doing explaining myself to ppl on the internet? smh.

  • General_URSUS

    but since your deleting the mixtape because OF was mentioned when captain murphy isnt OF. that sir makes you kinda closed minded

  • Brandon001

    agree to disagree then.

  • Swag666

    All I know for sure is those beats are definitely 100% made by flying lotus

  • http://twitter.com/youdontknowdan Dan

    two dudes, two odd crews with strange leaders - kitty cats, a couple blunts, my new wang feeder, Gold wang (OF) x Brainfeeder (Flying Lotus) AKA my new wang feeder .... this line is pretty revealing, what yall think?

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