Big Boi featuring A$AP Rocky & Phantogram – Lines

A track that many have been waiting for has finally seen the light of day. To be featured on Big Boi's forthcoming second solo album, Viscous Lies & Dangerous Rumors, today we get to hear "Lines," which notes assistance from A$AP Rocky and indie duo Phantogram. The somewhat funky and ambient single of course highlights bars from Big Boi and Rocky as Phantogram takes care of the hook. Check it out via the stream below and look out for more from Viscous Lies & Dangerous Rumors, due out on December 11. Also make sure to have a look at Phantogram's latest video "Don't Move."

By: Jonathan Sawyer / Hip hop / November 9, 2012 / 11195 Views
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  • VladoHadnadj

    V$VP x PHANTOGRAM = dope

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  • loc

    big boi is the only dude who can get phantogram on a hip hop track. All it's missing is a verse from 3000

  • CK

    ohhhhh shit



  • Futuristic Vintage

    im diggin this thoroughly.

  • nice

    A$AP going first is a great great call. He's a good leadoff rapper, but more importantly Big Boi's gotta get the kids to listen. I ain't even mad doe.

  • viraj.

    Rocky's got flows for days I swear...

  • Lennox

    A lot of people didn't know who Phantogram was until Big Boi collabed with him. Great track though.

  • Tigerbluud

    what are you talkin about?

  • Lennox

    If you didn't understand what i was saying; which I typed in english might I add; than its not meant for you to understand.

  • Jaime Arellano



    definitely agree. big boi knows what he's doing with puttin rocky on the track. & big boi verse GOES HARD on a spiritual tip.

    "received the Word and it molded me like play-doh.....we don't play tho, we don't play tho"

  • Guest

    Typo: "ViScious Lies and Dangerous Rumors" within last sentence the description paragraph. Just lettin' ya know

  • Tigerbluud

    so your stating that its a fact that people didnt know phantogram unitl big boi? because i knew phatogram as well as many others well before their collab...

  • ΖΘℜℜΘ (¿ℑeƒ?)

    Now it's VISCOUS, really thick lies? Like honey? Or lava? haha

  • Ch0r

    Pretty sure Phantogram is a guy and a girl. Just sayin

  • Dickriders

    So freshy swagged out!!! Whoop! Big Boi gettin paypurrrrr!!!

  • joe

    nice big boi!

  • lewis

    the worst use of semi colons i've ever seen.. get outta here. you forgot the apostrophe on it's too. bitch

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