Azealia Banks – Atlantis

Azealia Banks breaks out all the CGI stops with her latest video for "Atlantis." The track off her Fantasea mixtape gets aqua-inspired visuals directed by Fafi, taking Banks all over the deep blue sea. Continuing to fit in with the water theme, the Harlem artists shared the video through her Twitter for fans. Check it out up top and let us know what you think.

By: Richard Brooks / Music Videos / November 11, 2012 / 2324 Views
  • robonmyknob

    I'm just glad I was high for this.

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  • nutmeg

    I can't believe that I'm starting to hate her more than Nicki Minaj

  • Joel Unforgivable Harris

    Good thing this was just a parody and not a real song or music video.

  • AZEALIA!!!!

    This is embarassingly bad..

  • Jay Electrolysis

    awful video
    she sounds the same on every song & I cant understand a damn word she says
    very little substance

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  • Dave Schenderling

    that 80s mistake again..

  • RoyalGiant

    that shit was ass a fuck,i wish she would release luxury as her single or something off her EP

  • johnpauladams

    THEN WHY DO YOU EVEN CLICK THE LINK?? I don't understand you people, lol

  • Pyt Nguyen

    what just happened?