Arianna Priceless (Demo)

Currently based in London, this mysterious 26-year-old singer/songwriter Arianna is so new to the music scene, she barely has any information on her. Her unique singing style compares to artists like Lykke Li and Kate Bush. Just two days ago she released a demo on her new single, “Priceless” and it is a track to fall in love with. Best described as a quirky pop single that you will find perfect for any time of day.

By: Ramsey Cheng / Indie / November 14, 2012 / 719 Views
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  • André Beraldino

    way to go! 'grats!

  • Sam

    Hi sweetie, this song is awesome! wow! I am so proud of my beautiful talented daughter :)
    Lots of love from Mum xxx

  • qkarmark

    this song deserves to be on the radio!

  • Nikki Gordon

    I knew back when you sang in the talent show at Magnet that one day I would hear you blasting all over my computer!!! This song is outstanding!! Very proud of you girl...mwah!